Individual Projects

  1. 2023


      The use of fiction as a method to pose question and criticise the status quo has long expanded beyond the realms of literature and cinema.…

      University of Arts Bremen (DE)
    • Contemporary Photography

      Donald Weber is named Associate Professor of Contemporary Photography at Aalto University, Finland. Starting in February 2023, he will be working in Aalto's…

      Aalto University, Aalto (FI)
    • Researching collectivity as an individual

      Through five years of research at PhDArts (Academy of Creative and Performing Arts Leiden), Anja Groten tried to deepen her understanding of collective…

  2. 2022

    • Exile: an Interview

      A performance by Li Lorian deconstructing and reconstructing an historical interview, conducted by Israeli cultural figure Helit Yeshurun addressing Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.

      Beit Ha'gefen Gallery, Haifa (IL))
    • First, Then… Repeat. Workshop Scripts in Practice


      Page Not Found, The Hague (NL)
    • A Knot in Motion: On the Accident of Rain

      For the »Magical Hackerism« Web Residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude, the duo Luiz Zanotello and Islam Shabana propose tying a knot between their…

      Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (DE)
    • Narrating the Gaps

      On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, five artists from the studios of the Künstlerhaus Bremen explore the archive and the history of the house.…

      Künstlerhaus Bremen (DE)
    • Impulsvortrag: D2C2

      In her lecture, Anja Groten will take as a starting point the collective approach of Hackers & Designers. Collective practices according to Groten…

      @OSTRALE.Basis, Dresden (DE)
    • Zu Gast bei Urbane Künste Ruhr

      From October to December 2022, Henrik Nieratschker is a resident artist in the program Zu Gast bei Urbane Künste Ruhr at Haus der…

      Haus der der Geschichte des Ruhrgebiets, Bochum (DE)
    • A Distorted Shared Space

      Li Lorian in public conversation and showing of the work-in-progress “Exile Is So Strong Within Me”, part of Artists’ Lab, a collaboration between…

      Beit Ha'gefen Gallery, Haifa (IL)
    • Sort, Scan, Stack, Repeat

      Henrik Nieratschker presents research in progress as part of the yearly conference of the Society for Media Studies (GfM). The panel talk proposes…

      Society for Media Studies (GfM), Halle (DE)
    • Making Matters Lumbung

      On the occasion of the book launch of 'Making Matters. A Vocabulary of Collective Arts', Hackers & Designers (Loes Bogers, Anja Groten, Karl…

      documenta 15, Kassel (DE)
    • Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2022

      The Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2022 'Connecting Otherwise' takes place July 16–23 in 4 different interconnected locations: in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with @hackersanddesigners, in…

    • Figuring Things Out Together

      Manifold contexts shape articulations around workshops, different workshop meanings, materializations, practices, and legacies. The 'workshop' – an ambiguous yet popular format for time-boxed collaboration is…

      TROEF, Leiden (NL)
    • Book launch ‘Making Matters. A Vocabulary for Collective Arts’

      The entries in this experimental vocabulary were written in collaboration with multidisciplinary collectives, artists and designers from five continents. They reflect how collective action changes…

      documenta 15, Kassel (DE)
    • That which stays

      Luiz Zanotello's reading performance 'That which stays' consists of a collection of poems and auto-ethnographies that investigate the afterglow as a trope of…

      Dauerwelle, Bremen (DE)
    • Every abyss is a poem yet unfinished

      Luiz Zanotello's installation 'Every abyss is a poem yet unfinished' departs from a personal story of mourning. It investigates time beyond the abyssal…

      Dauerwelle, Bremen (DE)
    • Halbe Halbe

      Exhibition and lecture-performances by the candidates of the Binational Artistic PhD Program at HfK Bremen. Lecture-performances are being held at the GAK Bremen on June…

      GAK Bremen, Bremen (DE)
    • Figuring Things Out Together

      In this installation and workshop series, Anja Groten (Hackers & Designers) opens up her practice-based research with a special attention to the ‘workshop’…

      Page Not Found, The Hague (NL)
    • Becoming Entangled

      Suzan Tunca presents her PhD research in the lecture series 'Becoming Entangled. Practice in art and theory' at the Binational Artistic PhD Program,…

      HfK, Bremen (DE)

      As a spin-off of her PhD research, Maya Rasker developed a course on the possibilities and intricacies of the humble and generous footnote.…

      Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL)
    • The Information Front

      The Information Front is a publishing initiative started by Donald Weber and two colleagues to support Ukrainian photography and photographers. Already publishing two…

  3. 2021

    • Network Imaginaries

      H&D presents their new publication ‘Network Imaginaries’, reflecting on and reimagining distributed practices. The contributors span a wide range of practices and reflect about network…

      AHK Culture Club, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Hackers & Designers Fall Talks

      Join the Hackers & Designers (H&D) Fall Talks. By connecting to other self-organized communities they want to exchange insights on the peculiarities of different tool…

      AHK Culture Club, Marineterrein, Amsterdam (NL)
    • How To Walk On Water

      How To Walk On Water is a performance installation that guides you through the virtual landscape, exploring the duality of human presence in our physical…

      sch wa nk hal le, Bremen (DE)
    • New forms of storytelling

      Alexander Cromer contributes to the lecture series 'Becoming Entangled: Practice in Art and Theory' at the Hochschule für Künste, University of the Arts…

      HfK, Bremen (DE)

      'Casting Call' (2017-ongoing) is a series of related attempts, events and manifestations. It is an investigation into the notion of parrhesia, the courage to speak…

      SPACE, Liège (BE)
    • The Dynamic Archive 03

      The Dynamic Archive 01 ( has been an online platform since 2018. The Version Room as physical gallery space is known as The Dynamic Archive…

    • Toying Around

      Henrik Nieratschker’s artist book 'Toying Around: -archies, -cracies & -isms' was first publicly released during the launch of, a web platform initiated…

      Künstlerhaus Bremen, Bremen (DE)
    • ARC session SEI & DUE

      SEI & DUE are two chapters of the ongoing collaboration between Suzan Tunca and Giuliano Bracci: dance and music navigate on the edge…

      Scheltema, Leiden (NL)
    • Hacking Tools as Artistic Research

      Anja Groten teaches the course Hacking Tools as Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague.

      Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL)

      Doina Kraal will present her installation 'Touche-à-Tout' as part of the exhibition 'Departures' at MAMA, Rotterdam. During the opening, Kraal will look back on the…

      MAMA, Rotterdam (NL)
    • H&D experiments in publishing

      Collective Hackers & Designers (H&D) was invited by GfZK Leipzig to join their process as critical friends, and contribute to their summer festival with a…

      Gallery für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, Leipzig (DE)
    • H&D Summer Academy 2021 — Hello World?

      As a member of collective Hackers & Designers (H&D), Anja Groten co-organizes the Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2021.

      Amsterdam (NL), Harare (ZW), Pittsburgh (US), Vienna (AT)
    • Didn’t We Come For Something Completely Different?

      A Series of Round Tables on the New Normal at Art and Design Universities.

    • H&D Meetup — Feminist Search Tools

      As a member of collective Hackers & Designers (H&D), Anja Groten co-organizes this H&D meetup. The second H&D meetup focuses on different projects…

    • Obfuscation platframe

      The obfuscation platframe was designed and built by Anja Groten and Karl Moubarak on the occasion of the ‘3rd Workshop on Obfuscation’.

    • i can’t hear you

      As a member of collective and label 'Research and Waves', Henrik Nieratschker co-organizes the event series 'i can't hear you'

      Changing Room, Berlin (DE)
    • Bye Bye His-Story

      Eleni Kamma participates in the group exhibition 'Bye Bye His-Story' at Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image Imprimée.

      Le Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image imprimée, La Louvière (BE)
    • Dirty Pictures

      Donald Weber publishes the article 'Dirty pictures: Rupturing the common picture of globalisation' in Trigger, a platform for research, reflection, and debate on…

      Trigger, FOMU, Antwerp (BE)
    • Hybrid Spaces

      Eleni Kamma's MIGRATIE is added to the video library and catalog of Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin.

      Online and live from the Louvre auditorium
    • Games within Games

      In collaboration with 'Page not Found' and the Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB) at the Piet Zwart Institute, Lídia Pereira co-organizes an online lecture…

    • Design Discussion #74— Tools

      Anja Groten, member of Hackers & Designers, presents her research at Design Discussion #74, Hochschule Nierrhein Krefeld.

      Hochschule Niederrhein Krefeld, Krefeld (DE)
    • Telepathic Traces

      Eleni Kamma participates in the parcours exhibition 'Telepathic Traces' with 'Wishing Tree' and 'Solo Practice'. The exhibition shows experiences, testimonies, artworks created during…

      dinA, Brussels (BE)
    • The Universal Body

      'The Universal Body' is an interactive dance installation presented in the Allard Pierson exhibition 'Goddesses of the Art Nouveau' by Matthias Oostrik and

      Allard Pierson, Amsterdam (NL)
  4. 2020

    • Lecture/workshop ROCOCO VARIATIONS

      Stephen Shropshire gives a lecture/workshop for the São Paulo Companhia de Dança | Associação Pró-Dança. The program will explore the choreographic methodologies applied…


      Stephen Shropshire presents ballet ROCOCO VARIATIONS (2020) with live accompaniment from the Theatro São Pedro Orchestra.

      Theatro São Pedro, São Paulo (BR)
    • Making Matters – Collective Material Practices in Critical Times

      You are cordially invited to join the second edition of the Making Matters symposium, which will take place online on Thursday 19, Friday 20 and…

      Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Intersectional Search in Queer and Trans Archives

      – Presentation and reflections on the Feminist Search Tools project with Hackers & Designers, Read-in and IHLIA LGBTI Heritage

      Public Library Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Feditation

      Lídia Pereira presents 'Feditation' at the symposium 'Coherency, Diversity and Networks in Artistic Research' as part of the Desktop Essays series.

      The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts, Copenhagen (DK)
    • Coded Bodies

      With the publication 'Coded Bodies', collective Hackers and Designers (H&D) reflects on conversations, discussions and bodily experiences that took place over the course of one…

    • The geography of our geography

      Donald Weber publishes the article 'The geography of our geography: counter-mapping infrastructures of power' in 'Digital War', a journal about the meaning of…

    • Breath in and Out

      Within the framework of the exhibition 'Uferhallen–Manifest' Ilaria Biotti presents the video 'Breath in and Out', Digital HD video, color, stereo sound. 3’10”.…

      Uferhallen, Berlin (DE)
    • Mail Art: A Complaint Letter to the Internet

      In pre-internet times, physical mail was used by artists and writers to exchange small works of art, poetry and letters. Mail Art was an alternative…

      Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Once Upon a Town

      A section of Eleni Kamma's 'Casting Call' is featured during the performancetour ‘Street language’ by Joep Vossebeld.

      Maastricht (NL)
    • Wellness

      Eleni Kamma presents 'Tarek, the (Wounded) Healer' in the exhibition 'WELLNESS –

      Kristianstads konsthall, Kristianstad (SE)
    • Inefficient Tools for Quantified Beings

      The exhibition 'Inefficient Tools for Quantified Beings' moved to Amsterdam and will be activated through a public program, consisting of workshops, performances and talks.

      NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Autorials - on working with self-acting materials

      Veronika Aumann's essay 'Autorials - on working with self-acting materials' was published in 'Bezugsstoffe / Textile Techniken', #5 of Austrian Galerie Hollenstein’s publications series. The…

      Galerie Hollenstein, Lustenau (AU)
    • Casting Call: Parade Agora

      A performative and discursive event with Eleni Kamma at Beursschouwburg, Brussels.

      Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE)
    • Author, Platform and Spectator

      By means of a video-interview project with artists, curators, theorists, and organizers, Jack Segbars explores the question of authorship within contemporary art production.…

      West, The Hague (NL)
    • Summer Academy 2020 'Network Imaginaries'

      As a member of collective Hackers & Designers (H&D), Anja Groten co-organizes the Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2020. In light of the…

      The Internet and a distributed network of local hosts
    • The Hmm and Hackers & Designers

      As a member of collective Hackers & Designers, Anja Groten collaborates with The Hmm on developing a self-hosted streaming platform for events.

    • Platforming as Practice

      Anja Groten, member of Hackers & Designers, presents her research at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen's 'The Dynamic Archive'.

      Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Bremen (DE)
    • Eurythmie Symposium

      Suzan Tunca participated in Eurythmie Festival, Vienna. Tunca moderated a symposium on the actuality of eurythmic art toether with literature studies scholar Petra…

      Maurer Schlössl, Vienna (AT)
    • Autoprogettazione

      Within the framework of 'Autoprogettazione', Galleria Milano, Milano (IT), Ilaria Biotti presents the project 'Ricordi di fauna selvatica durante un viaggio immaginario' (Wildlife…

    • BodyBuilding. Inefficient Tool Building for Quantified Beings

      Group exhibition in collaboration with Hackers & Designers, The Underground Division, Nazanin Karimi, Thomas Rustemeyer, Kiki Mager

      Tetem, Enschede (NL)
    • Workshop Imaginary Networks

      Hackers & Designers (Anja Groten and Juliette Lizotte) are contributing to the Glossary of Undisciplined Design Symposium with a talk and workshop during…

      GfZK Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig (DE)
    • Casting Call

      Eleni Kamma presents the installation ‘Casting Call: How does a European politician save a refugee from drowning?’ in the ACPA Exhibition Space in…

      ACPA Exhibition Space, Leiden University, Leiden (NL)
    • Workshop Repository of Feminist Search Strategies

      Talk and workshop in collaboration with James Bryan Graves (hacker) and Anja Groten (designer)

      Aalto Visual Communication Design, Aalto (FI)
    • Persona Everywhere

      Eleni Kamma presents works in the group exhibition 'Persona Everywhere'.

      centre d'art Le Lait, Albi (FR)
    • Towards a Critical Collaborative Practice

      Anja Groten publishes the article "Towards a Critical Collaborative Practice" in: 'Design Dedication. Adaptive Mentalities in Design Education', 2020 edited by Annelys de…

  5. 2019

    • Ecfrasi

      Riccardo Giacconi presents an immersive installation featuring recent outcomes of his research project in the exhibition 'Ecfrasi'.

      UNA, Piacenza (IT)
    • Hacking & Designing

      Anja Groten contributes the article "Hacking & Designing: Paradoxes of Collaborative Practice" to 'The Critical Makers Reader. (Un)learning Technology', edited by Loes Bogers…

    • Feeding/Eating the Other

      Thalia Hoffman presents the essay 'Feeding/Eating the Other' as part of a working session at the ASTR Annual conference 2019 'Theatre's many publics'.

      Washington D.C. (US)
    • A Day Becomes

      Thalia presents the short film 'A Day Becomes' at Aesthetica Film Festival as part of the Artist's Films category.

      York (UK)
    • Only The Ports Are Loyal To Us

      Yunjoo Kwak presents an exhibition entitled 'Only The Ports Are Loyal To Us', curated by Ayos Purwoaji, at C2O Library & Collabtive.

      C2O Library & Collabtive, Surabaya (ID)
    • Interfacial Work-Out

      Together with Hackers & Designers Anja Groten gives an introduction to intra-active bodily publishing exercises at POST Design Festival in Copenhagen.

      Enigma, Copenhagen (DK)
    • Design Friction

      Anja Groten publishes the article 'Design Friction' in the journal ‘Modes of Criticism 4: Radical Pedagogy’ and gives a talk at the publication…

      Onomatopee, Eindhoven (NL)
    • What a Genderful World

      Judith van IJken participates in the exhibition 'What a Genderful World' with a selection of works from the series 'Anamorphosis'.

      Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (NL)
    • MIMAGES eurythmy

      Suzan Tunca participated in a symposium on contemporary stage eurythmy during the MIMAGES eurythmy Festival.

      Vreedehuis, The Hague (NL)
    • Options

      Riccardo Giacconi presents 'Options', an exhibition and performance event for steirischer herbst ’19 – 'Grand Hotel Abyss' and Grazer Kunstverein’s Autumn Season.

      Grazer Kunstverein, Graz (AT)
    • Bureau de Pleurs

      Maha Yammine participates in the collective project 'Bureau de Pleurs' that will be shown at the 15th edition of the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale 'Là…

      Fagor Factory, Lyon (FR)
    • Do You Accept the Terms and Conditions?

      Anja Groten gives a presentation about her research at the event 'Do you accept the terms and conditions?', hosted by Waag.

      Waag, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Maritime Makassar Biennale 2019

      Yunjoo Kwak gives a film screening and a presentation about her film research at Makassar Biennale 2019.

      Makassar (ID)
    • Spiritual Corporeality

      Suzan Tunca gives a practice workshop entitled 'Spiritual Corporeality: Towards a dance language mediating between spirit, matter and levels of reality' at the…

      The Centre for Embodiment & Somatic Movement Education and Therapy, Cheltenham (UK)
    • Il Corpo Nero

      Riccardo Giacconi presents the film 'Il Corpo Nero' at Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin at the Centre Pompidou, Auditorium du Louvre, Paris, and Haus…

      Paris (FR), Berlin (DE)
    • Inform/action

      Veronika Aumann presents the results of her interdisciplinary collaboration project 'Inform/action' with the Umweltbundesamt Berlin Marienfelde (German Federal Environment Office).

      Umweltbundesamt Berlin Marienfelde, Berlin (DE)

      Together with collective Hackers & Designers Anja Groten co-organises the Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2019 entitled 'Coded Bodies'.

      NDSM, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Almanach des Aléas

      Maha Yammine participates in the group exhibition 'Almanach des Aléas' at Fondation d'entreprise Ricard in Paris.

      Fondation d'entreprise Ricard, Paris (FR)
    • A New Spring, A New Image

      Channa Boon presents 'Satellite Suite' in the exhibition 'A New Spring, A New Image' during The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend 2019. Curated by Jan van…

      Galerie Helder, The Hague (NL)
    • Opening Hours

      k.g. Guttman presents new work in the live exhibition 'Visiting Hours' at Gallery TPW.

      Gallery TPW, Toronto (CA)
    • Fake it! Fake you! Fake us!

      In 2018 Hackers & Designers proposed to explore the notion of truth by interrogating what the tools and technologies that we are building, using and…

    • Fake it! Fake them! Fake you! Fake us!

      Anja Groten and Juliette Lizotte give a talk at the launch of the publication 'Fake it! Fake them! Fake you! Fake us!' by…

      San Serriffe, Amsterdam (NL)
    • En Bas

      Maha Yammine participates in the group exhibition 'En Bas' at the Réfectoire des nonnes in Lyon.

      Réfectoire des nonnes, Lyon (FR)
    • Self-Acting Materials

      Veronika Aumann gives a presentation on 'Self-Acting Materials' at Galerie Hollenstein.

      Galerie Hollenstein, Lustenau (AT)
    • The Workshop and Cultural Production

      Anja Groten contributes the essay 'The Workshop and Cultural Production' to Amsterdam-based publication platform 'Open!'

      Stichting Open!, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Momentary Zine

      As part of collective Hackers & Designers Anja Groten is invited to present the 'Momentary Zine' during the Neuhaus program at Het Nieuwe…

      Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)
    • "...and diggings revealed unforeseen finds"

      Riccardo Giacconi presents new work in the exhibition '"… and diggings revealed unforeseen finds” – Reports from the Capitalocene' as part of his…

      Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck (AT)
    • Tuning the Dancing Body

      Suzan Tunca presents her research 'tuning the dancing body to become a performative research instrument to investigate embodied gnosis' together with Giuliano Bracci…

      WEST Den Haag, the Royal Academy of Art, the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague (NL)
    • Heard or capable of being heard

      Eleni Kamma presents her research 'Heard or Capable of Being Heard: Seeing through Parrhesiastic Dialectical Games' at the symposium 'Transformations of the Audible'.

      WEST Den Haag, the Royal Academy of Art, the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague (NL)
    • Artistic Production in the Context of Neoliberalism, Autonomy and Heteronomy

      Jack Segbars publishes 'Artistic Production in the Context of Neoliberalism, Autonomy and Heteronomy Revisited by Means of Infrastructural Critique' in PARSE, Issue 9.

      Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, Gothenburg (SE)
    • Autorials (series 2)

      Veronika Aumann contributes the work 'Autorials (series 2)' to the exhibition 'Bezugsstoffe' at Galerie Hollenstein.

      Galerie Hollenstein, Lustenau (AT)
    • Visualizing Knowledge

      Joost Grootens speaks at the Visualizing Knowledge conference at Aalto University, Greater Helsinki, Finland.

      Aalto University, Helsinki (FI)
    • Georgofili

      In this group exhibition at Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Eleni Kamma presents her video GEORGOFILI, a 27 minutes HD film produced in 2012, for…

      Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Vienna (AT)
    • A Letter to Foucault

      Maya Rasker publishes 'A Letter to Foucault' in 'Artistic Research and Literature', edited by Corina Caduff and Tan Wälchli, published by Willem Fink…

    • Autorials (series 1)

      Veronika Aumann participates in the exhibition 'Neue textile Welten' at Wasserschloss Klaffenbach.

      Wasserschloss Klaffenbach, Chemnitz (DE)
    • First Person #1

      'First Person #1' is an exhibition of two photographic projects by Judith van IJken.

      ACPA Exhibition Space, Leiden (NL)
    • Notes on Parrhesia

      Eleni Kamma participates in the Jubilee screening programme at art centre Dazibao with the film 'Notes on Parrhesia'.

      Dazibao, Montreal (CA)
    • Autonomous Fabric

      Jack Segbars publishes the article 'Autonomous Fabric' as part of the research-project 'The Autonomous Fabric' initiated by the Autonomous Practices department of Willem…

      Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (NL)
  6. 2018

    • Mapping As Joint Spatial Display

      Joost Grootens will co-moderate a workshop and give the keynote lecture at the conference ‘Mapping as Joint Spatial Display’ at Haus der Kulturen…

      Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (DE)
    • Staging the Message

      Els Kuijpers gave a lecture entitled 'Staging the Message' at the School of Architecture (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.

      School of Architecture, KTH, Stockholm (SE)

      Eleni Kamma presents the performance 'Re-M-Ommegang (Re-M-Parade)' at arts festival Playground, Leuven.

      M-Museum Leuven, Leuven (BE)
    • Communication design as strategic action

      Els Kuijpers publishes ‘Communication design as strategic action - towards a design method that relates theory and practice/Communicatief ontwerpen als strategisch handelen - naar een…

      pappardelle press, The Hague/Amsterdam (NL)
    • Speculative Design Archive

      Joost Grootens takes part in the exhibition 'Speculative Design Archive' at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

      Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Turning Points

      Andrea Stultiens gives a presentation entitled 'TURNING POINTS

      Leiden University, Leiden
    • Punch Line (Language)

      Eleni Kamma presents the performance 'Punch Line (Language)' with Margo van de Linde at the PhDArts Conference at the Academy of Creative and…

      Leiden University, Leiden (NL)
    • Ebifananyi (Bookcircles)

      Andrea Stultiens presents an installation of 'Ebifananyi' books, transformed into book circles as part of the ‘Week of the Artist book‘.

      Groningen (NL)
    • Walls of Freedom

      'Walls of Freedom' by author Basma Hamdy was featured in the expanded edition of 'The Design of Dissent, Expanded Edition: Greed, Nationalism, Alternative Facts, and…

    • A Writer's Oscillations

      Maya Rasker publishes 'A writer’s oscillations: The beginning as mediating space between origin and destination' in TEXT Journal, Vol. 22, No. 2.

    • The playground of In-Between

      Els Kuijpers contributed to the article ‘The playground of In-Between: conversation between Els Kuijpers, Julius Vermeulen and Richard Niessen’ in the publication 'The palace of…

      Spector Books, Leipzig (DE)
    • Photographic portraits and the possible agency of the sitter

      Judith van IJken presents the lecture 'Work in progress: Les cliches sont conservés/Photographic portraits and the possible agency of the sitter' at the…

      Studio Loos, The Hague (NL)
    • Ebifananyi, the Politics of Presentation

      Andrea Stultiens participates in the Thessaloniki Photobiennial with the project 'Ebifananyi, the Politics of Presentation'.

      Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (GR)
    • Sei

      Suzan performs the solo dance performance SEI set to a solo violin composition by Johan Sebastian Bach remixed live by Giuliano Bracci at the PhDArts…

      Leiden University, Leiden (NL)
    • Anamorphosis

      The publication 'Anamorphosis' by Judith van IJken is available from September 22nd 2018.

    • Face the InterFace

      Anja Groten presents the smart mirror project 'Face the InterFace' at international platform for trans-disciplinary creativity Today’s Art.

      The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague (NL)
    • Khatt

      Basma Hamdy’s book 'Khatt. Egypt’s Calligraphic Landscape' was published by Saqi Books. Photography by Noha Zayed.

    • Build your own self-driving car

      Anja Groten of collective Hackers & Designers collaborated with French collective Formes Vives to build the next iteration of the DIY self-driving car.

      The Yellow Gas Station, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Mission

      Andrea Stultiens presents research into the photographic work of Dutch anthropologist Paul Julien entitled 'Mission' at the Dutch Fotomuseum in Rotterdam.

      Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Ebifananyi, the Photographers Trilogy

      Andrea Stultiens presents 'Ebifananyi, the Photographers Trilogy' at Photoville, New York.

      Photoville, New York (USA)
    • Street Art of Resistance

      Basma Hamdy’s chapter “ The Arabic Language as Creative Resistance” was published in the book Street Art of Resistance edited by Sarah H. Awad and…

    • Yar bana bir eğlence. Notes on Parrhesia

      Eleni Kamma presents a screening of 'Yar bana bir eğlence. Notes on Parrhesia' (2015) at the Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts…

      Spazju Kreattiv Cinema, Valletta (MT)
    • On the performativity of communication design

      Els Kuijpers was interviewed by Christina Scheib. The interview is published in issue 4 of 'Materialien zu Ausstellungsdesign und Szenografie'.

      Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karslruhe (DE)
    • Co-creating the City

      Andrea Stultiens presents the paper entitled 'Co-creating the City' at the Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society at Cardiff University.

      Cardiff University, Cardiff (UK)
    • The King has been Pictured

      Andrea Stultiens presents the paper entitled 'The King has been Pictured' at the Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society at Cardiff…

      Cardiff University, Cardiff (UK)
    • Ebifananyi

      Andrea Stultiens presents the solo exhibition 'Ebifananyi' at the Uganda Museum. She exhibits photography collections and visual material upon which the eight publications…

      Uganda Museum, Kampala (UG)
    • Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2018

      Anja Groten organises the Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2018 entitled 'FAKE IT! FAKE US! FAKE ME! FAKE THEM! FAKE YOU!'

      DekWest, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Control the Controller

      Anja Groten and Heerko van der Kooij of Hackers & Designers give a workshop entitled 'Control the Controller' at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

      Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Paroikeo III

      Eleni Kamma shows her collaborative publication Παροικεω III (Paroikeo III, 2017) at June Woodstone Kugelblitz.

      June Woodstone Kugelblitz, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Mimetic Ties

      Eleni Kamma participates in the group exhibition "an exercise on values" curated by Alexios Papazacharias at Haus N.

      Haus N, Athens (GR)
    • Guava

      "Guava" (2013), the first film by Thalia Hoffman in the film series of the "Guava Platform" will be exhibited in Israel and in…

      Museum of Art, Petach Tikva (IL), Musée de la chasse et de la nature, Paris (FR)
    • Friction by Design

      Anja Groten gives a talk entitled 'Friction by Design' at [MAKE]: 2018 Design Educators Conference.

      Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis (US)
    • Eenheid in verscheidenheid

      Eleni Kamma unveils three public artworks entitled "Eenheid in Verscheidenheid" (Unity in Difference) commissioned by the city Sittard-Geleen.

      Sittard-Geleen (NL)
    • Why Relooking at Caricature Today?

      Eleni Kamma contributed to A/R Issue Number 1, 2018 with the publication "Why Relooking at Caricature Today?" as part of her research project…

      A/R asbl, Charleroi (BE)
    • Hackers & Designers. On &/ Off the grid

      Anja Groten published and contributed to the publication 'Hackers & Designers. On &/ Off the grid'. The booklaunch takes place at San Seriffe…

      San Seriffe, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Contemporary Documentary Practices

      Andrea Stultiens presents at the Contemporary Documentary Practices research seminar. Stultiens will outline the way photo collections and archives in Uganda form the…

      Atrium Campus, University of South Wales (UK)
    • Critical by Design?

      Anja Groten gives a presentation at the conference 'Critical By Design?' at the Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel.

      Academy of Art and Design FHNW, Basel (CH)
    • A Case of Perpetual No

      Yota Ioannidou launches a new thematic chapter of events and exhibitions at State of Concept, which will explore the concept of justice under the title…

      State of Concept, Athens (GR)
    • Tools for Co-creation and Situated Making

      Anja Groten gives a talk and workshop entitled 'Tools for Co-creation and Situated Making' at the graduate conference In/Equalities at the Department of…

      Central European University, Budapest (HU)
    • Atlas of the Copenhagens

      Joost Grootens co-edited and designed the book ‘Atlas of the Copenhagens’ that includes his essay ‘The Rhetoric of Withholding Judgment’. Published by Ruby…

      KADK, Copenhagen (DK)
    • The Singing Building

      Channa Boon presents the performance 'The Singing Building' during the UNPLUGGED Festival at Artist Collective and Project Space Helicopter.

      Helicopter, The Hague (NL)
    • Due

      Riccardo presents "Due" (Two) at festival Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin.

      Le Carreau du Temple, Paris (FR)
    • Ctrl + c

      Anja Groten gives a workshop entitled 'Ctrl + c – Force quitting persuasive algorithmic search processes' at the 9th SAR - International Conference…

      University of Plymouth, Plymouth (UK)
    • Rag to Rich

      Eleni Kamma participates in the exhibition Rag to Rich at the at the ACG Art Gallery and presents the video works Casting Call…

      ACG Art Gallery, Aghia Paraskevi (GR)
    • The Selfie-Junkie, The Fool, The Animal, The Glossary, The Angry, The Collector Of Proverbs, And So On

      Eleni Kamma presents work in progress within the research project Casting Call in a solo exhibition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts,…

      Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels (BE)
    • Double Skin/Double Mind Installation

      Suzan Tunca organises and participates in a research week centered around the Double Skin/Double Mind installation at ID-Lab in Amsterdam.

      ID-Lab, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam(NL)
    • Unfixing Histories

      Andrea Stultiens is invited by Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen to organise and curate Unfixing Histories as part of her PhD research.…

      Galerie Block C, SIGN, USVA, Academie Minerva en Noorderlicht Fotogalerie, Groningen (NL)
    • Stopping Point

      Eleni Kamma participates in the group exhibition 'Stopping Point', showing the new work 'The Selfie Junkie and The Fool' from her studies into…

      Daily Lazy Projects, Athens (GD)
    • Connecting Artists Across Borders

      Eleni Kamma participates in the group exhibition Connecting Artists Across Borders by the Elisabeth Strouven Foundation and SPACE.

      Elisabeth Strouven Fonds, Maastricht (NL)
    • Rehearsal / Repetition

      Eleni Kamma was invited to participate in Rehearsal / Repetition, a study day within the exhibition White Horse / Twin Horse by Revital…

      Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Religionism and Historicism

      As part of the miniconference ‘Religionism and Historicism’ of the Master Program Study of Religion: Western Esotericism, Suzan Tunca gives the lecture ‘Physica…

      University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Demand The Impossible

      Jonas Staal contributes the essay 'Eis het onmogelijke' (Demand the Impossible) to Issue 3, 2018 of Dutch language journal De Groene Amsterdammer.

      Amsterdam (NL)
  7. 2017

    • Self Collecting

      Thalia Hoffman contributes to the exhibition 'Self Collecting' at the Beit Hagefen Gallery in Haifa with the work عطرעטרה, 'a scent collection'.

      Beit Hagefen Gallery, Haifa (IL)
    • Hack night. Self-driving toy car I & II

      Anja Groten of collective Hackers and Designers hosts a workshop series around the development of the self driving car in collaboration with Waag…

      Waag Society, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Eutopia

      Eleni Kamma participates in Eutopia, a theatre piece by Poa-Yio in the context of the festival CULTURESCAPES Griechenland.

      CH, Basel
    • Rétrospective Jacques Bertin

      Joost Grootens gives a lecture at the symposium ‘La Laboratoire de Graphique de Jacques Bertin EHESS, 1954–2000’ at École des Hautes Études en…

      FR, Paris
    • Two

      In the schematic and slightly surrealistic film essay 'Two', Riccardo Giacconi sketches out the development of the neighborhood Milano 2, which would later…

      NL, Amsterdam
    • Integrated 2017 Between Creativity and Criminality

      Anja Groten participated in INTEGRATED 2017, the thought-provoking conference format organized by St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. The 2017 edition focuses on…

      BE, Antwerp
    • We Refugees

      Thalia Hoffman contributes to the exhibition We Refugees at Haifa Museum, Haifa with the work Shama (There).

      Haifa Museum, Haifa (IL)
    • Spectrum of Design Strategies

      Els Kuijpers contributes the article 'Spectrum of Design Strategies' to the third issue of journal Modes of Critique about Design and Democracy.

      Porto (PT)
    • Style? Strategy! On communication design as meaning production

      Els Kuijpers contributes the article 'Style? Strategy! On communication design as meaning production' to the third issue of journal Modes of Critique about Design and…

      Porto (PT)
    • Dwell, Act, Transform

      Eleni Kamma participated in the exhibition Dwell, Act, Transform shows artistic research trajectories conducted by the research groups of Minerva Art Academy within…

      NL, Groningen
    • New Acquisitions Of The Emst Collection

      Eleni Kamma shows work in the exhibition New Acquisitions (2014-2017) of the EMST Collection. The work Play it, Emin: Walking along the Russian…

      National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (GR)
    • Ebifananyi

      In a large exihibition at FOMU Andrea Stultiens exhibits all the photography collections and visual material upon which the eight publications entitled ‘Ebifananyi’…

      FOMU, Antwerp (BE)
    • Same Same but Different

      Thalia Hoffman contributes to the exhibition Same Same but Different at Minus 1 Gallery, Tel Aviv with the work Guava.

      Minus 1 Gallery, Tel Aviv (IL)
    • Writing Performance Exhibition 2

      The project Writing Performance by Lilo Nein deals with performance as a multi-medial translation process enabled by collaboration. It is part of Nein's…

      AT, Vienna
    • Staying Alive

      Andrea Stultiens presents the 7th book in the ‘Ebifananyi’ series entitled ‘Staying Alive’. The book and accompanying exhibition present photographic documentation of the…

      Afri-Art Gallery, Kampala (UG)
    • ACASA Conference

      Andrea Stultiens contributes to the ACASA 17th Triennial Symposium on African Art in the panel Handling/Manipulating Photographs in Africa: New Perspectives in Photography…

      University of Ghana, Legon, Accra (GH)
    • Writing Performance Exhibition 1

      During her residency at SITUATE in Melbourne Lilo Nein exhibits her project that unpicks the notion of writing and translation in relation to…

      Melbourne, Australia
    • Women’s Work in Revolt! Feminist Struggle and Insurrectionary Memory

      Yota Ioannidou contributes to this event that adresses the marginalisation of ‘women's work’ and feminist debates on labour in public discourse.

      Dourou-Dourouti Square, Kerameikos, Athens (GR)
    • Bad Taste, The fiftieth year of the occupation

      Thalia Hoffman exhibits her video work ‘Sham (There)’ in this group exhibition curated by Efrat Livny at gallery Minus 1.

      Tel Aviv (IL)
    • After the Fact. Propaganda in the 21st Century

      Jonas Staal participates in this group exhibition, curated by Stephanie Weber, that looks at the concept of propaganda in order to broaden its…

      Lenbachhaus, Munich (DE)
    • Each image needs a guest

      On the occasion of Session 15, k.g. Guttman will give a lecture performance drawing from her works ranging from the most recent one,…

      Dazibao, Montreal (CA)
    • New Unions: DiEM25 Athens

      New Unions, organized by Jonas Staal in collaboration with Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25), is an artistic and political campaign that departs…

      Sporting Basket Arena, Athens, GR
    • Lecture Information Design

      Joost Grootens gives a lecture at the Hochschule für Gestaltung un Kunst that is part of a series of lectures entitled ‘Information Design’.

      Basel, CH
    • To Serve You (work in progress)

      Thalia Hoffman produced performative events and a sound installation for the exhibition and series of events ’All About Law and Justice’.

      Artport, Tel Aviv (IL)
    • Communication as strategic action: Towards a design method that relates theory and practice

      Els Kuijpers gave a lecture entitled ‘Design Education: Expanding the mindset’, at this conference held at Grafist21 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. The publication 'Design…

      Istanbul (TR)

      Danne Ojeda has won the international A'Design Award in the category of ‘Interior Space and Exhibition Design’, 2016–2017 for the exhibition ‘B.O.O.K. BASIC OBJECT OF…

    • Ekifananyi Kya Muteesa (The King has been Pictured)

      Andrea Stultiens curated this exhibition that presents interpretations of one of the first photographs made in Buganda of monarch Muteesa I in 1875.

      Makere Art Gallery, Makere University, Kampala (UG)
    • Terra Mediterranea: In Action

      Eleni Kamma participates in the group exhibition ‘Terra Mediterranea: In Action’, an exhibition of contemporary art, a conference and a series of parallel…

      Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Pafos (CY)
    • One And Three Books

      Together with Lisa Kuitert Danne Ojeda curated this exhibition that analyzes the relationship between the book as a concept and the book as an object…

      Turfdraagsterpad 15–17, Amsterdam (NL)
    • L‘Espace du débat, Tout foutre en l‘air

      Jonas Staal participates in this group exhibition.

      Pavillon de l‘Arsenal, Paris (FR)
    • Lecture Symposium Exemplaires

      Joost Grootens gives a lecture during the Symposium Exemplaires at the Haute école des arts du Rhin.

      Strasbourg, FR
    • Overtime-Third Time

      Jonas Staal participates in this day of debates and actions around the idea of Europe organized by European Alternatives.

      MAXXI Rome, (IT)
    • Utopia/Dystopia

      Jonas Staal participates in this group exhibtiion that reveals how the dichotomy between utopia and dystopia reflects a time of paradoxical acceleration, where…

      MAAT, Lisbon (PT)
    • Closed World, New Worlds

      Jonas Staal gives a lecture at the Royal Academy of Art as part of the Studium Generale programme.

      Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL)
    • Art and Democracy

      In this lecture Jonas Staal analyses the failures of democracy and shows his attempts to imagine alternatives.

      Maastricht University (NL)
    • Assemblism

      ‘Assemblism’ an essay written by Jonas Staal in the framework of his PhD research is published by e-flux #80

    • New Unions: DiEM25, Amsterdam

      New Unions, organized by Jonas Staal in collaboration with DiEM25, is an artistic and political campaign that departs from the current political, economic,…

      Paradiso Amsterdam
    • Planetes

      Eleni Kamma contributes to opening exhibition of Pafos2017 European Capital of Culture curated by Elena Parpa.

      Old Powerhouse and Shelley Street Residence, Pafos (CY)
    • Close Readings

      k.g. Guttman takes part is the group exhibition Close Readings at GAllery TPW curated by Alison Cooley.

      Gallery TPW, Toronto (CA)
    • So close, yet so far away/Contemporary Artists from Cyprus

      Eleni Kamma participates in this group exhibition opening Friday 12 January 2017, curated by Yiannis Toumazis.

      Petach Tikva Museum, Tel Aviv (IL)
  8. 2016

    • De Mix: Missie

      Andrea Stultiens exhibits new photographic works inspired by the body of work of anthropologist and amateur photographer Paul Julien.

      Limburgs Museum, Venlo (NL)
    • The Variational Status

      The solo exhibition 'The Variational Status' at the ar/ge kunst is the first public presentation of a research project by artist Riccardo Giacconi

      ar/ge kunst, Bolzano (IT)
    • PhD Defense

      To obtain her doctoral degree visual artist Sophie Ernst will publicly defend her research project entitled THE MAGIC OF PROJECTION; AUGMENTATION AND IMMERSION…

    • PhD Defense

      To obtain his doctoral degree visual artist Hans Scholten will publicly defend his research project entitled The Urban Future - Project. The defense…

    • Autonomous Design Trinity: Designer as author-producer-entrepreneur

      Danne Ojeda was invited to give a talk entitled: Autonomous design trinity: Designer as author-producer-entrepreneur, in the context of The Undergraduate Award Summit.

      Farmleigh House, Dublin (IE)
    • We, people in transition

      Eleni Kamma participates in this group exhibition at Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, Vormgeving en Popcultuur – Minerva. Opening: 27 October, 15.00 -17.30h

      Groningen (NL)
    • Found Khatt: A Typographic Journey through Egypt

      Basma Hamdy's ongoing project with Noha Zayed “Found Khatt: A Typographic Journey through Egypt” will be part of the exhibition “Cairo Now! City Incomplete” curated…

      Dubai (UAE)
    • Gordiaanse knoop, de langzame mars van de instituties

      This essay written by Jack Segbars was published in Metropolis M, #5, 2016. In this essay Segbars reflects on the recent turmoil concerning…

    • Approaching the 3s. The spatial, the social and the sensorium

      Brigitte Kovacs participates in this International Autumn School held at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

      Paulusplatz 5, Vienna (AU)
    • Benjamin in Palestine, On the Task of the Translator in the Age of Platform Production

      This essay by Jack Segbars was published in open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain.

    • Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution

      Basma Hamdy's project 'Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution' will be featured as one of two main sections of the exhibition 'Fighting…

      New Art Exchange (NAE), Nottingham (UK)
    • The Social

      Thalia Hoffman will present her research departing from the 'Guava' platform that she created, during this 4th International Association for Visual Culture Biennial…

      Boston University (USA)
    • REPRISE Parrhèsia

      Eleni Kamma participates in this group exhibition opening Friday 30 September.

      SIGN, Groningen (NL)
    • Museum Index

      As part of their long term collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum that started in 2013, Studio Joost Grootens made the 'Museum Index', a…

      Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (NL)
    • Findings on Light

      Studio Joost Grootens designed the publication 'Findings on Light', the third volume in PARS’ 'Atlas of Creative Thinking', curated and edited by Hester…

      Amsterdam (NL)

      Danne Ojeda is panel chair for the Visual Art & Design category of the Undergraduate Awards that recognises and rewards innovative young thinkers across 25…

      Dublin (IE)
    • Communication Design Educators Awards

      Basma Hamdy was recognized for excellence in research, based on merit and high academic achievement for her project ‘Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the…

      Design Incubation

      Eleni Kamma participates in this group exhibition that investigates the turbulent phase that the Mediterranean Sea and its surrounding countries are enveloped in.

      HALLE 14, Leipzig (DE)
    • Flurina Rothenberger / Andrea Stultiens

      Andrea Stultiens exhibits her work at PhotoforumPasquArt together with photographer Flurina Rotherberger.

      Faubourg du Lac 71, Bienne (FR)
    • Indiscipline

      Eleni Kamma participates in this festival held at Palais de Tokyo, where more than 30 artists based in Brussels, comprising of visual artists,…

      13 Avenue du Président Wilson, Paris (FR)
    • Royal Geographical Society Conference

      Andrea Stultiens gives a presentation at this conference entitled 'Past and Present places; Evaluating solicited responses to Eng M.W. Wambwa’s situated photographs' and…

      London (UK)
    • Dream Out Loud

      Studio Joost Grootens designed the exhibition graphics for the exhibition 'Dream Out Loud' presented at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

      Amsterdam (NL)

      Eleni Kamma contributes to this series of one-week course that feature seven lecturers, academics and selected doctoral students who will reflect on the…

      Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) and Aalto University School of Arts and the Nida Art Colony, Neringa (LT)
    • Book history scholarship: creation, transmission of knowledge and archives.

      In their 50th anniversary number Visible Language, The Journal of Visual Communication Research has published the interview Danne Ojeda conducted with Matthieu Lommen as part…

    • On the Name of Book Wrighting

      Danne Ojeda and Irma Boom's paper "On the Name of Book Wrighting: Irma Boom’s 'Transformative Crossover' Production" has been published on Taylor & Francis Online.

    • Book Launch

      A festive gathering to launch the fourth book in the Ebifananyi series, created by Andrea Stultiens.

      Ham Mkasa Library, UCU campus, Mukono (UG)
    • Curiosity

      Eleni Kamma participates in this group exhibition that is part of the residency programme Tinos Quarry Platform.

      Cultural Foundation, Chora, Tinos island (GR)
    • A Revolution Told in spray paint

      Basma Hamdy's book 'Walls of Freedom' was chosen among 31 design projects in the latest 'What Design Can Do' publication 'What Africa Can Do for…

      What Design Can Do, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Fireflies in the Night Take Wing

      Post midnight Video Art survey with Eleni Kamma, organized on the occasion of the cultural evebt Metemorphosis: The SNFCC to the World.

      Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), Athens (GR)
    • After Europe

      This solo exhibition of Jonas Staal, curated by iLiana Fokianaki, centers on the current political, economic, and humanitarian crises in Europe.

      State of Concept, Tousa Botsari 19, Athens (GR)
    • SMBA and Beyond

      Jack Segbars contributes to the round table discussion held during this Public Kick-Off Meeting dedicated to the exploration of current key themes in…

      Teijin Auditorium, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL)
    • Interview

      Interview with Danne Ojeda and works published in Edition Lidu Publishers.

    • Care Of Editions Presents

      Care Of Editions (initiated by Gary Schultz) presents NICOLA RATTI / MADS EMIL NIELSEN at Spektrum.

      Bürknerstraße 12, Berlin (DE)
    • The Shifting Place. Aesthetic, spatial and temporal fractures of transitional territories.

      Eleni Kamma participates in this residential module developed in the frame of the EU project Understanding Territoriality: Identity, Place & Possession (TIPP) at…

      Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella (IT)
    • Diversity, Criticism & the closure of SMBA

      Jack Segbars is one of the panelists during this debate organized by Kunstlicht regarding the formation and re-formation of art spaces in Amsterdam.

      SMBA, Rozenstraat 59, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Without Pause, Dialogues

      Eleni Kamma takes part in the group exhibition 'Without Pause, Dialogues' at the LOOP Festival, curated by Imma Prieto.

      Carrer Arcs 5, Barcelona (ES)
    • Artist-In-Residence

      Eleni Kamma is artist-in-residence at the Tinos Quarry Platform.

      Isternia, Tinos (GR)

      Lilo Nein speaks at the conference ‘Überreste. Strategien des Bleibens in den darstellenden künsten.’ (Conference ‘Vestiges and Remnants, Strategies of Remaining in the…

      Sofiensaele, Berlin (DE)
    • DESERT.0916

      Karen Lohrmann presents 'Desert.0916' at the International SAR Conference 2016 with the theme Writing, organized by the Society for Artistic Research.

      Royal Academy of Art & Royal Conservatory, The Hague (NL)
    • The 1980s

      For the exhibition 'The 1980s' that is currently on show in the Van Abbemuseum, Studio Joost Grootens made a timeline showing artworks the…

      Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (NL)
    • Artist Talk

      Jack Segbars will talk with Sjoerd Westbroek about the presentation ‘Politics of estrangement-naught’ at A Tale of a Tub.

      Justus van Effenstraat 44, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Sound of Silence

      Eleni Kamma shows her work 'It takes Courage and Breath to Speak Up' in this group exhibition taking place in the framework of…

      Conservatoriumplein 1, Kortrijk (BE)
    • Vanishing Point

      Thalia Hoffman presents her video 'Sham (There)' in this exhibition.

      Artport, 55 Ben Tsvi Road, Tel Aviv (IL)
    • About the necessity to engage

      Eleni Kamma participates in a debate organized in the context of the seminar 'After School' modules 1 and 2, on from 18h to…

      La Cambre Arts Visuels, Brussels (BE)
    • Future Pollination Lab

      With his intervention project 'Future Pollination Lab', Hans Kalliwoda participates in 'Europe By People', the cultural programme for The Netherlands presidency of the European Union…

      FabCity Campus, Javaeiland, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Walk In

      For this exhibition Brigitte Kovacs, in cooperation with designer Markus Vogler, creates a space-filling text installation, which features the experience of an imaginary walk through…

      Kunsthalle Linz, Fräulein Florentine Platz 1, Linz (AT)
    • City Remixing

      Together with PRICCAPractice that is part of the Lectorate Image in Context at Academy Minerva, Andrea Stultiens presents the exhibition 'City Remixing'.

      Academie Minerva, Praediniussingel 59, Groningen (NL)

      The show presents the winning entries of 2015 red dot award communication design, where the exhibition design B.O.O.K. Basic Object of Knowledge: The Contemporary Book…

      Basel School of Design, Spalenvorstadt 2 in Basel and Galerie Graf & Schelble, Spalenvorstadt 14 in Basel (CH)
    • Het ABC van de collectie

      For the Municipal Museum in Schiedam Studio Joost Grootens made a series of spatial infographics in the museum galleries that show how the…

      Municipal Museum Schiedam (NL)
    • Politics of Estrangement - naught

      In this exhibition Jack Segbars presents an intermediary recording of his long term investigation into the structure of contemporary art production at A…

      Justus van Effenstraat 44, Rotterdam (NL)

      The show presents the winning entries of 2015 Red Dot Award Communication Design, where the exhibition design 'B.O.O.K. Basic Object of Knowledge: The Contemporary Book…

      Red Dot Design Museum, Essen (DE)
    • Die Lust Am Text

      Lilo Nein realises a lecture performance in collaboration with the philosopher Peter Zeillinger and the choreographer, performer Lisa Hinterreithner.

      TQW Studios, Museumsplatz 1, Vienna (AT)
    • HipUganda Presents: City Remixing

      Andrea Stultiens together with HIPUganda presents the exhibition CIty Remixing.

      Makerere Art and Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts Makerere University, Kampala (UG)
    • The Kids Want Communism

      Yota Ioannidou takes part in the public series of events entitled ‘The Kids Want Communism’, marking the ninety-nine years to the Bolshevik Revolution.

      Struma 6, Bat Yam (IL)
    • Stéphane Gilot-Le catalogue des futurs.

      In May, 2016, k.g. Guttman performs at the Musée d'art de Joliette as part of the exhibition 'Stéphane Gilot – Le catalogue des…

      145, rue du Père-Wilfrid-Corbeil Joliette, Québec (CA)
    • Presenting Pasts

      Andrea Stutltiens published the article 'Presenting Pasts' on the online platform of L'internationale.

    • Breaking Crisis

      Eleni Kamma's video 'Yar bana bir eğlence. Notes on Parrhesia', is screened in the film programme Breaking Crisis of Transmediale Berlin.

      Haus der Kulturen der Welt, John Foster Dulles Allee 10, Berlin (DE)
    • International Film Festival Rotterdam

      Riccardo Giacconi’s video 'Entrelazado' is screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

      LantarenVenster, Otto Reuchlinweg 996, Rotterdam (NL)
    • New World Summit: Stateless Democracy

      The New World Summit, organized by Jonas Staal, presents ‘New World Summit: Stateless Democracy’, a three-day assembly that explores the possibilities of uncoupling…

      Utrecht University, Domplein 29, Utrecht (NL)
    • Everything in nature has a lyrical essence, a tragic fate, a comic existence

      Riccardo Giacconi takes part in this group exhibition where he presents his work 'Controvena'.

      Währinger Straße 59, Vienna (AT)
    • Describe Me An Image Of Turkey

      Eleni Kamma's film 'Yar bana bir eğlence (Notes on Parrhesia)' is screened in the film programme Describe Me an Image of Turkey at…

      Atelierhaus, Lehargasse 8, A-1060, 1.Floor, Mediaroom, Vienna (AT)
    • Study Room: The State of Things

      Yota Ioannidou exhibits work is this group exhibition held at The Breeder and coordinated by Vangelis Vlahos.

      45 Iasonos street, Athens (GR)

      Jonas Staal contributes the essay 'IDEOLOGY = FORM' to Issue 69 in e-flux Journal.

      New York (US)
  9. 2015

    • Jan Schoonhoven

      Studio Joost Grootens designed the new book on Zero artist Jan Schoonhoven.

    • Be’al Peh (Speaking It)

      Thalia Hoffman contributes to the 2nd Annual Conference of the Israeli Center for Digital Art with the work Be’al Peh (Speaking It).

      The Israeli Center for Digital Art
    • Artist Talk

      Mikala Hyldig Dal will give an artist talk entitled 'EYE-SNIPERS. Ikonoklastische Bilderpraktiken in Zeiten politischen Wandels' at the Free University Berlin, Institute of Art History.

      Koserstraße 20 Room A 1.21, Berlin (DE)
    • Guava

      Thalia Hoffman shows the video 'Guava' at the Medrar 7th Cairo Video Festival.

      Cairo (EG)
    • Benjamin in Palestine: On the Place and Non-Place of Radical Thought

      Jack Segbars gives a presentation and attends the workshops at this conference.

      Ramallah (PS)
    • The art of women - The Trade off-show

      Brigitte Kovacs takes part in this group exhibition.

      Maysedergasse 2/4, Vienna (AT)
    • Die Kunst der Frau

      Lilo Nein is part of this group exhibition at VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs.

      Maysedergasse 2/4/28, 1010 Vienna (AT)
    • D-SIGN-LAB

      D-SIGN-LAB is an interdisciplinary exhibition on design, pedagogy and curatorial works by Danne Ojeda.

      Cervantes Institute 536/6 Na Rybníčku, Prague (CZ)
    • The Art of Women - friends and accomplices

      Brigitte Kovacs participates in this group exhibition.

      VBKÖ, Maysedergasse 2/4, Stock, Vienna (AT)
    • Brick. An exacting material

      Studio Joost Grootens designed the book 'Brick. An exacting material' on contemporary Dutch brick architecture edited by Jan Peter Wingender.

      Amsterdam (NL)
    • Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal

      Basma Hamdy published a peer-reviewed journal paper entitled “Walls of Freedom: Process & Methodologies” in the Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal.

    • Lilo Nein/Female Obsession

      Lilo Nein shows a video in the framework of Lilo Nein/F.O.

      Gentzgasse 86-88, 1180 Vienna (AT)
    • Public Defense

      On Wednesday 9 December at 13.45 visual artist Ruchama Noorda publicly defends her dissertation entitled ℞eform at Leiden University. The exhibition ℞eFormat takes…

    • The Discovery of Queerness

      Ato Malinda gives an artist talk as part of the workshop 'The Discovery of Queerness. Intricate Trails of a Travelling Concept'.

      Kaiserswerther Street 16-18, Berlin (DE)
    • What is Left

      Lilo Nein makes a performance in the framework of What is Left? curated by Walter Seidl and Gülsen Bal.

      Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna (AT)
    • Stategies in Communication Design

      Els Kuijpers published the book ‘Stategies in communication design’ with Van Abbemuseum publishers.

    • We Write, Right?

      Lilo Nein contributes to We Write, Right? A Web-Journal with texts by artists.

    • Surface Rising II

      This performance conceived by k.g. Guttman and curated by Klupko, is an accompaniment through a private home that is not Guttman's own.

    • Future Africa Visions in Time

      As part of the exhibition 'Future Africa Visions in Time' at Bayreuth University, Ato Malinda exhibits drawings of a transgender man living in Canada who…

      Universitätsstraße 30, Bayreuth (DE)
    • Why are you looking at me like that?

      This talk that Andrea Stultiens gives at Photo Kathmandu is a public brainstorm on the way history and photographic documentations relate to each…

      Gaushala Hall, Yala Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka (NP)
    • Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015

      BASIC OBJECT OF KNOWLEDGE [B.O.O.K.]: THE CONTEMPORARY BOOK AND ITS MODEL, exhibition-installation curated and designed by Danne Ojeda as part of her PhDArts research trajectory,…

      Konzerthaus, Berlin (DE)
    • Environments and Organisations

      Karen Lohrmann teaches a workshop on Environments and Organizations in the Master programme at the University of Innsbruck, Institut f. Gestaltung, Faculty of Architecture.

      Innsbruck (AT)
    • No Walls

      Brigitte Kovacs participates in this group exhibition dedicated to the meanings walls and barriers have, considering both their physical, as well as invisible nature.

      Friday Exit, Döblergasse 2/EG, Vienna (AT)
    • Self Portrait

      At 19.00 Lilo Nein shows the video “self-portrait” at periscope.

      Salzburg (AT)
    • Graphic Design Festival Breda

      Basma Hamdy was invited as one of six speakers at The Graphic Design Festival Breda: Current Characters Convention.

      Hoornwerkstraat 1 4814 AN Breda (NL)
    • Surface Rising

      k.g. Guttman contributes to the VIVA Art Action Performance festival with the work 'Surface Rising'.

      Montreal (CA)
    • Entrelazado

      Riccardo Giacconi's film 'Entrelazado' (Entangled) will be screened in the Projections section of the 2015 New York Film Festival.

      Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, New York (USA)
    • Dikke van Dale

      For nearly five years Studio Joost Grootens worked on the design of the 2015 edition of the Van Dale's Great Dictionary of the…

    • Our Land/Foreign Territory

      Sophie Ernst is participates in this exhibition with her long term project 'HOME'.

      Central Manege, Manege Square 1, Moscow (RU)
    • You and Me and Everyone we do not know

      Andrea Stultiens curated this exhibition and expert meeting that is part of the fourth edition of PRICCAPractice.

      Academie Minerva, Groningen (NL)
    • The Man Who Sat on Himself

      Riccardo Giacconi participates in this group exhibition with his work 'Controvena'.

      Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Via Modane 16, Torino (IT)
    • (T)HUIS, The Shifting Concept of Home

      Sophie Ernst participates in this group exhibition that explores the different definitions of the concept of home.

      CBK Zuid Oost, Anton de Komplein 120, Amsterdam, (NL)
    • Making Oneself

      In the section of this exhibition 'Keep the Best of Your Life' Andrea Stultiens showcases the ways in which Ugandans have presented and…

      Noorderlicht, Akerhof 12, Groningen (NL)
    • Simuda Nyuma - Forward Ever Backward Never

      The exhibition Simuda Nyuma – Forward Ever Backward Never (2015) curated by Robinah Nansubuga (UG) and Andrea Stultiens (NL) offers work by nine…

      Framer Framed, IJpromenade 2, Amsterdam (NL)
    • The Undergraduate Awards 2015 Dublin

      Danne Ojeda is the Chair of the judging panel of Visual Art & Design category for The Undergraduate Awards 2015.

      Dublin, (IE)
    • Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship

      Ato Malinda is one of the awardees of the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship.

      Washington DC (USA)
    • How Language Moves

      Brigitte Kovacs contributes to this 3 day event that tests the parameters of 'translation' in artistic practice.

      Goleb, Burg. de Vlugtlaan 125, Amsterdam (NL)
    • European Conference on African Studies

      Ato Malinda is presenting on the panel ‘Same-sex Sexualities and Intimacies in Contemporary Africa’ in Paris during the Sixth European Conference on African Studies 2015.

      Panthéon-Sorbonne University and École pratique des hautes études (EPHE), Paris (FR)
    • Entrelazado

      Riccardo Giacconi's film 'Entrelazado' (Entangled) will be presented in the International Competition at the FIDMarseille International Film Festival.

      Marseille (FR)
    • Global Imaginations

      Andrea Stultiens exhibits the installation 'Go Forward' in this exhibition at Museum De Lakenhal.

      De Meelfabriek, Leiden (NL)
    • No need for references

      Yota Ioannidou participates in this exhibition that investigates the relations between the production of art and knowledge through different incursions into the collective discussion about…

      Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (AT)
    • Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art

      Jack Segbars gives a presentation and attends the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art 2015 concerning Art and the Politics of Estrangement.

      Alter Kehr 20 CH-3953 Leuk-Stadt (CHE)
    • Conversation

      K.G. Guttman’s article entitled ‘Conversation’ appears in La Centrale’s most recent publication ‘Feminist Impact on Contemporary Art, La Centrale at 40 !!/L’impact féministe sur l’art…

      Montréal (CA)
    • Self-timer Stories

      Lilo Nein is part of the group exhibition “Self-timer Stories” at MUSAC – Museo de Arte Contemporeáneo de Castilla curated by

      León (ES)
    • Ebishushani II and III

      During this exhibition and book launch Andrea Stultiens presents Ebishushani II and III: 'People, Poses, Places – Musa Katuramu' and 'All the Tricks…

      Makerere University Art Gallery, Kampala (UG)
    • The Audience is Present - A Translation

      Lilo Nein shows the work "The Audience is Present – A Translation", at Galerie 5020. Opening April 29, 2015 at 7.00 p.m. After…

      Salzburg (AT)
    • On Fait Ensemble

      Ato Malinda presents her video work “On Fait Ensemble” as part of the exhibition “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell Revisited by Contemporary African…

      Washington DC (USA)
    • Untitled derivative of Mshoga Mpya, or the New Homosexual

      Ato Malinda performs “Untitled derivative of Mshoga Mpya, or the New Homosexual” (2014) as part of the exhibition African Odysseys held at BRASS.

      Bruxelles (BE)
    • The Global Shift

      Basma Hamdy was invited to participate in a panel discussion organized by the Vitra Museum at the Palazzo Clerici in Milan, Italy entitled 'The Global…

    • Being Political (in art and design)

      Andrea Stultiens presents her PhD reseach at this symposium that questions and discusses how artists and designers can intervene in the political domain…

      Zuiderdiep, Groningen (NL)
    • Photography's Shifting Terrain:Emerging Histories & New Practices

      Andrea Stultiens presents her PhD research at this conference that focusses on the photographic cultures of the Middle East, North Africa and Asia,…

      NYUAD Saadiyat Campus, Aby Dhabi (AE)
    • Young-Old

      Studio Joost Grootens designed the book 'Young-Old. Urban Utopias of an Aging Society' by architect and researcher Deane Simpson.

    • Who's Afraid?

      This solo exhibition by Mikala Hyldig Dal features performative video works created between 2014-2015, discussing contemporary iconoclasm as a sociopolitical act of communication.

      former LEAP, Leipziger Street 63, Berlin (DE)
    • Controvena

      Riccardo Giacconi presents his new performance 'Controvena' during the performance festival 'Reims Scènes d'Europe' curated by Florence Derieux and Antoine Marchand. The performance…

      FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims (FR)
    • Centro/Periferia

      Riccardo Giacconi takes part in this group exhibition, that also features works by Yael Duval, Ovidiu Leuce, Ekaterina Maximova.

      MAXXI (Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo), Rome (IT)
    • Radical Weakness

      Jack Segbars exhibits his work in this exhibition at Pictura together with Ton Schuttelaar.

      Voorstraat 190-192, Dordrecht (NL)
    • Süddeutsche Zeitung

      The Süddeutsche Zeitung Studio published a full-page information graphic designed by Studio Joost Grootens that shows material damages caused by the US military…

  10. 2014

    • Who Struggled with the angel remains phosphorescent

      This film by Riccardo Giacconi is presented at BIEFF-Bucharest Experimental Film Festival, International Competition (In search of a Soul: Spiritual Journeys).

      CinemaPRO&Elvira Popescu Cinema
    • It's very political

      Together with Platform BK, and in cooperation with KNAW, Jack Segbars organises this debate.

      Het Trippenhuis, Kloveniersburgwal 29, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Selbstauslöser

      Lilo Nein participates in this group exhibition curated by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein.

      Museum der Moderne Salzburg
    • Imagined Selves: Photography, Self Fashioning and the Archive

      Andrea Stultiens will speak at this conference at the Research Centre for Material Culture.

      Steenstraat 1, Leiden (NL)
    • Go Forward

      'Go Forward' is a work in progress installation that is part of Andrea Stultiens’ PhD research.

      Koepelzaal, Academy Minerva, Praediniussingel 59, Groningen (NL)
    • Basic Object of Knowledge - The contemporary book and its model

      This exhibition is curated by Danne Ojeda. It is part of the Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, (CCA Singapore), Curatorial Programme at the Singapore Art…

      Block 43 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, 109443, Singapore (SG)
    • Art & Research at the outermost limits of location-specificity

      Hans Kalliwoda is presenting his research at this conference held at the School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons The New School for Design.

      New York City (USA)
    • People Poses Places

      On the occasion of the book launch of 'People Poses Places', Andrea Stultiens creates an exhibition by the same name at the Noorderlicht…

      Groningen (NL)
    • What is Conflict?

      Sophie Ernst gives this lecture during the Symposium, Asia Triennial Manchester that took place at the Imperial War Museum.

      5 Oak Street, Manchester (UK)
    • LA CASA - Expanded Cinema Exhibition.

      Riccardo Giacconi participates in the Cali International Film Festival special event.

      Casa Fractal, Cali (CO)
    • Duet

      In this exhibition Jack Segbars takes the programme of the exhibition space Ruimte Caesuur as a starting point.

      Ruimte Caesuur, Lange Noordstraat 67, Middelburg (NL)
    • Nogo Zone

      Yota Ioannidou and Tzvika Gutter collaborated on a performance script named “NOGO ZONE” for the Parking Lot, Issue#0, October 2014.

      Amsterdam, (NL)
    • Asia Triennial Manchester II

      Sophie Ernst participates in this group exhibition with a sculptural piece that asks 'What is Conflict?'.

      Imperial War Museum, Manchester (UK)
    • Code X. From Paper to Pixel.

      Delphine Bedel takes part in this panel talk, that is part of the London Art Book Fair.

      Whitechapel Gallery, London (UK)
    • New World Summit Stateless State

      The 4th New World Summit, an artistic and political organization founded by Jonas Staal, takes place in a parliament built inside the KVS,…

      KVS, Brussels (BE)
    • Increasingly Fragmented

      In this solo exhibition Hans Scholten presents his latest works that are part of a project called Urban Future that he started in…

      Lumen Travo, Amsterdam (NL)
    • New World Embassy: Azawad

      Jonas Staal and Moussa Ag Assarid present the collaborative project New World Embassy: Azawad.

      BAK, Utrecht (NL)
    • On the Move

      Andrea Stultiens participates in the exhibition On the Move: Storytelling in Contemporary Photography and Graphic Design with the work 'The Photographer - Deo…

      Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Time

      In the frame work of the exhibition series 'Park die Kunst' at Kulturdrogerie, Lilo Nein shows a performative installation entitled 'Time'.

      Kulturdrogerie, Vienna (AT)
    • Ruchama Noorda exhibits in AP at Galerie van Gelder, curator Julia Geerlings.

      Amsterdam (NL)
    • Souvenir de Voyage: Photography, Tourism and the gaze at the other

      Delphine Bedel participates in this symposium organised by Scherptediepte.

      LUMC, Leiden (NL)
    • Friends & Lovers

      Sophie Ernst takes part in this groupd exhibition at Kling & Bang Gallery.

      Hverfisgata 42, Reykjavík (IS)
    • Self Timer Stories

      Lilo Nein participates in this group exhibition curated by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein.

      Austrian Cultural Forum, New York (USA)
    • The Space Between Concepts and Realisations

      Lilo Nein exhibits works about the relation of the working process and forms of presentation. Opening: 30 May, Concert at 18.00 and 20.00.

      GEMAK, Paviljoensgracht 20-24, Den Haag (NL)
    • The Need for Practice

      Jonas Staal participates in this programme curated by Judit Angel at Tranzit.

      Budapest (HU)
    • How Much Fascism? - The Netherlands Part I & II

      This lecture by Jonas Staal and Wendelien van Oldenborgh takes place at Tranzit.

      Budapest (HU)
    • Digital publishing toolkit conference

      Delphine Bedel gives a lecture at this conference organized by The Institute of Network Cultures.

      Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Anxious Networks

      Jack Segbars and Maziar Afrassiabi presented this paper at the conference "Polemics of Ressentiment" organized by Sjoerd van Tuinen at the Centre of…

      Rotterdam (NL)
    • Invisible Violence

      Jonas Staal participates in this project curated by Zoran Erić, Blanca de la Torre and Seamus Kealy.

      Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (RS)
    • Art Under A Dangerous Star

      Jonas Staal participates in this group exhibition curated by Judit Angel.

      Tranzit, Budapest (HU)
    • Beyond Allegories

      This is a project by Jonas Staal, Ann Demeester, Carolien Gehrels and Hans van Houwelingen.

      Amsterdam City Council, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Ebifananyi I: The Photographer; Deo Kyakulagira

      Andrea Stultiens exhibits work in dialogue Ugandan photographer Deo Kyakulagira.

      Markere University Art Gallery in Kampala (UG)
    • Residency Air Berlin Alexanderplatz

      Delphine Bedel is artist in residence at Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, with the support of the Mondriaan Fund.

    • In Focus: The Book as a work as an exhibition as a book

      Publishing as Artistic Practice: A conversation between Delphine Bedel and Regine Ehleiter, published in Eikon Magazine #86

    • Symposium Publishing as Performance

      Curated by Delphine Bedel and k.g. Guttmann for PhDArts. Lectures, workshops and performance, with Information as Material/Simon Morris, Eva Weinmayr/AND Publishing and Sarah…

      Den Haag
    • Politics Within

      The film and installation Art, Property of Politics (2010) by Jonas Staal will be presented in the exhibition Politics Within:

      Center for Contemporary Art Celje, Slovenia
    • Symposium 'Whose Terms?'

      A lecture held by Jonas Staal during the symposium 'Whose Terms?'. This symposium, will focus on key terms that have come to define…

      New Museum, New York
    • Milan Design Week 2014

      Danne Ojeda's book "The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting" is selected to be exhibited at the Milan Design Week. It is exhibited by Edition…

      Milan, Italy
    • The Inner City as Nature Reserve

      Specialist from diverse knowledge pools of disciplines will highlight the merits, drawbacks and obstructions on transforming an inner city neighbourhood into a nature sanctuary. The…

    • Spectacular Subdivision

      Ruchama Noorda participates in the project: Spectacular Subdivision. High Desert Test Sites and Monte Vista Projects present this group project curated by Jay…

      Wonder Valley, California
    • New World Pedagogy

      A lecture held by Jonas Staal as part of the “Critical Pedagogies of the 21stCentury” program.

      Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
    • Lecture Sheffield Hallam University

      A lecture by Delphine Bedel at the Sheffield Hallam University. In 2012-2013 Sheffield Hallam's Fine Art Transmission Lecture Series was a discursive platform to address…

      Sheffield Hallam University
    • HOME: Lines, Places, Stories

      With this presentation Sophie Ernst participates in the international conference "Figurer l'exil" at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme.

      Université Paris
    • Symposium Collecting Geographies

      A lecture by Delphine Bedel and Eva Fotiadi. 'In our paper we will retrace relations between (the stories and practices of) Willem Sandberg…

      Stedelijk Museum
    • Edgy Redux Colloquium

      K.G. Guttman will give a performance and present her research on transitions in performance.

      Studio 303, Montreal (CA)
    • Walls of Freedom

      Basma Hamdy published her book ‘Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution’ portraying the first three years of the Egyptian revolution told through…

    • Polemical Position—Idealized Enclosures: Three Spatial Possibilities Around the Idea of the Exhibition

      Sophie Ernst published a paper with this title in Yishu, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Volume 13, Number 2, March/April 2014

    • Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education

      Delphine Bedel contributes to this book that aims to index the most exemplary projects internationally from those who seek to change the rules of the…

    • Asia's Top Designers, Singapore Design Award 2014

      Danne Ojeda receives the distinction ASIA'S TOP DESIGNERS in the last edition of the Singapore Design Awards 2014 (SDA).

    • Expert Meeting Vu Hortus Botanicus

      Delphine Bedel organizes together with David Veldhoen and Taak an expert meeting with, among others, artists, historians, botanists to explore the scenarios to save the…

      VU Hortus, Amsterdam
    • Don't Embarrass the Bureau

      Jonas Staal participates in this exhibition organized by New World Summit and 0. [Nulpunt] project. New World Summit is a project led by…

      Lunds Konsthall, Lunds (SE)
    • Die Räume zwischen Konzept und Realisierung

      Lilo Nein shows the exhibition "Die Räume zwischen Konzept und Realisierung" in the framework of "Artists in Residency".

      St. Virgil, Salzburg (AT)
    • PLAT(T)FORM 2014

      Delphine Bedel is invited as Nominator for PLAT(T)FROM 2014. For this event 42 photographers to present their work for two hours to the public and…

      Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur (CH)
  11. 2013

    • An Intellectual history of the Power-point projection

      With this talk Sophie Ernst participates in the conference "New Media COnfigurations - Changing Societies" at the Institute for Asian and African Studies,…

    • Publishing as an Artistic Practice. A Conversation

      Delphine Bedel participates in this diner on publishing with Lucie Pindat (1/2), Matthias Keutzer (The Session) and guests.

      Finissage 1/2, Weekender@Olive and Cookie, Amsterdam
    • 'Inertia' presentation

      Presentation of the publication Inertia by Jack Segbars as part of the Book Lovers project.

      EFA project space, New York (US)
    • Für die Fülle

      Lilo Nein participates in the annual group exhibition at Salzburger Kunstverein, curated by Luise Reitstätter

      Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg (AT)
    • Video Focus Mediterrana 16

      Lilo Nein participates in Video Focus Mediterrana 16, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni

      MA*GA Art Museum, Gallarte (IT)
    • Choereographed Exhibition

      Lilo Nein is participates in a round table discussion at the festival "Choreographed Exhibition" by Mathieu Copeland

      La Ferme du Buisson - Centre d’art contemporain, Marne-la-Vallée (FR)
    • BIENNALE JOGJA: XII Equator #2

      Danne Ojeda is a researcher at the biennale.

      Yogyakarta, (ID)
    • New World Academy

      Artist Jonas Staal and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst conjoin their efforts to launch a new academy that invites political organizations invested in…

      BAK, Utrecht (NL)
    • Ten Years Center Of Photography

      Delphine Bedel presents three works on the occasion of the 10 years celebration of the Museum.

      Fotomuseum Winterthur, Foto-Stiftung Schweiz
    • Little Big Press

      Delphine Bedel participates in Little Big Press, an exhibition and a travelling library focused on independent photobooks.

      Documentaria in Bari and Lishui International Photography Festival
    • The Dutch situation

      For the Norwegian art magazine Billedkunst Jack Segbars was asked to write an article reflecting on the austerity measurements on the arts in…

    • S/He is the one

      Lilo Nein is part of group exhibition S/He is the One.

      Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (AT)
    • Idealised Enclosures

      Sophie Ernst participates in the symposium "Sites of Construction: Exhibitions and the making of recent art history in Asia" at the Asia Art…

      Hong Kong

      Ruchama Noorda has created a walking route through the landscape of Limburg, in the framework of the project Life in the Woods.

      Eyserbos, Maastricht (NL)
    • FRUIT. Focus on Contemporary Art

      The show presents the ABW International Award 2013 where the book The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting, designed by Danne Ojeda,was awarded ‘Best Art…

      Bologna (IT)
    • Life In The Woods. Routes Door Het Mythische Landschap

      Delphine Bedel organizes an artist walk as part of this project

      Limburg (NL)
    • "If Analyses Could Be Poems. Works between Text and Performance"

      New publication by Lilo Nein

    • OPERÆ. International Design Festival

      The show presents the ABW International Award 2013 where the book The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting, designed by Danne Ojeda,was awarded ‘Best Art…

      OGR. Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin (IT)

      Ruchama Noorda is part of the collective Civic Virtue, which organizes this exhibition in collaboration with Sil Krol.

      Stadthausgalerie, Munster (DE)
    • DESIGNBLOK, Prague Design and Fashion Week

      The show presents the ABW International Award 2013 where the book The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting, designed by Danne Ojeda,was awarded ‘Best Art…

      Prague (CZ)
    • PUBLISHING ‘The Space Wrapped around us’ by Gregg Smith

      Book launch. Editor Delphine Bedel. Publisher Monospace Press

    • FOTOGRAFIA, Macro

      Presentation of Monospace Press editions and book Launch ‘The Space Wrapped around us’, a new artist book by Gregg Smith (edited by Delphine Bedel).

      Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma, Rome (IT)
    • TABOOK: Art Book Festival

      The show presents the ABW International Award 2013 where the book The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting, designed by Danne Ojeda,was awarded ‘Best Art…

      Prague (CZ)
    • World in a Shell – The Polliniferous Project

      Hans Kalliwoda talks about his research project in this article for the website 'Interactive'.

    • Unseen Photo Fair

      'Looks like Fun. Funzine practices and other inspirations in contemporary publishing.' Talk with ½ Zine, Danielle Lemaire, Arjan de Nooy and Niki Palmen. Moderator: Delphine…

      Amsterdam (NL)
    • Symposium: Tales on Creativity

      Andrea Stultiens is invited to speak at this symposium that has artistic research as its starting point.

      Scheltema, Marktsteeg 1, Leiden (NL)
    • Silent Empress at 5th Cairo Video Festival

      Sophie Ernst shows her work 'Silent Empress' at this festival.

      Caïro (EG)
    • Award Industry Judge

      Danne Ojeda is Award Industry Judge for the Art Directors Club (ADC), TOMORROW AWARDS.

      New York (US)
    • Lines of Control: Partition as a Productive Space

      Sophie Ernst participates in this group exhibition on the creation and maintainance of borders.

      Nasher museum of Art, Duke University, Durham (US)
    • Time Forms/Temps Temporelles

      K.G. Guttman shows the installation 'The Night Forever Unfinished' and speaks on the panel 'Enduring Bodies'.

      McGill University, Montreal (CA)
    • Read my World

      At the Read My World festival Jack Segbars presented a video-installation of 'Inertia'.

      Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Metropolis M review

      Review by Jack Segbars in Metropolis M on the lecture-performance ‘zero probability II’ by Rabih Mroué and Hito Steyerl at the Stedelijk Museum…

    • The Sequel

      Andrea Stultiens participates in this group exhibition with work made with the Noorderlicht commission, which she was awarded in January 2013.

      Noorderlicht Photography, Groningen (NL)

      Danne Ojeda collaborates with SAM, Singapore Art Museum (Singapore) with the design of brochure, poster, exhibition identity, exhibition design, environmental graphics, street banner and print…

      Singapore Art Museum, Singapore (SG)
    • Do Rehearse Histories

      Performance by Lilo Nein, with Elise Mory and Christian Selinger

      Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna (AT)
    • Art Books Wanted Exhibition

      Danne Ojeda’s book ‘The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting’ is exhibited in ART BOOKS WANTED (ABW) EXHIBITION. The exhibition follows the ABW International Award…

      B1 – Centre for contemporary design, Prague (CZ)
    • Mediterranea 16 Young Artists Biennial

      PhDArts student Lilo Nein will show the performative installation "The Audience Is Present" during the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the…

      Ancona (IT)

      Danne Ojeda’s book ‘The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting’ has won ART BOOKS WANTED (ABW) International Award 2013, in the category of ‘Best Art…

    • Summer School Marfa

      Ruchama Noorda is a guest artist and advisor during a three-week fieldtrip and fieldwork studio.

      Marfa, Texas (US)
    • The Pseudological Diary

      New performance by Pantelis Makkas

      Neos Kosmos Theatre, Athens (GR)

      Photobooks exhibition with a selection of 12 Hard Copy editions, published by HEAD-Geneve and Delphine Bedel/Monospace Press.

      International center of Photography, New York (US)
    • Struggles About the Moment?

      Performative videoscreening by Lilo Nein

      IG bildende Kunst, Vienna (AT)

      Danne Ojeda participates as researcher and press correspondent

      Auckland (NZ)
    • Artist Talk Lilo Nein

      Lilo Nein is special guest in the Salon "Das fantastische Dritte", hosted by Im_flieger, organised by Sabina Holzer, Brigitte Wilfing, Jack Hauser, Jorge…

      Im_Flieger, Vienna (AT)
    • Art-Object-Registration 5

      Lilo Nein participates in this group exhibition during the 5th Art & Documentation Festival.

      Prexer Gallery, Lodz (PL)

      Sophie Ernst is featured in the seventh edition of the series „Im Gespräch – Acht Untersuchungen zum subjektiven Wissen“.

      Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg (DE)
    • Home, architecture of memory

      Sophie Ernst gives an artist talk with this title during the Arts and Transcultural Symposium held at Heidelberg University.

    • Alternative Spatial Imaginaries

      A symposium with artists Sophie Ernst, Anna Okrasko and Maria Iorio & Raphaël Cuomo.

      Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces, Liquid Architectures and Online Domains

      Daniela de Paulis participates in the TaPRA Performance and New Technologies Inter-conference Event 2013.

      York St John University, York (UK)
    • Milan Design Week

      Milan Design Week presented ABW International Award 2013, with Danne Ojeda’s book ‘The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting’ being exhibited by Edition Lidu.

      Milan (IT)
    • Invest III

      Andrea Stultiens presents work in this exhibition on Artistic Research.

      Stedelijk Museum Assen Hedendaagse Kunst, Assen (NL)
    • Sketching a Civilisation

      Exhibition with PhDArts candidate Andrea Stultiens and Rumanzi Canon.

      Makerere Art Gallery/IHCR, Kampala (UG)
    • Artsit

      Daniela de Paulis participates in the Third International Conference on Arts and Technology 'ArtsIT 2013'.

      Milano (IT)
    • FOrmer west: documents, constellations, prospects

      Pantelis Makkas and Ruchama Noorda will participate in the Learning Place of the upcoming Former West Congress.

      Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (DE)
    • KOSMICA PARIS 2013

      Daniela de Paulis will present during this galactic gathering.

      La Société de Curiosités, Paris (FR)
    • Ja Natuurlijk - How art saves the world

      Hans Scholten participates in the exhibition Ja Natuurlijk (Yes Naturally) - How art saves the world.

      Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag (NL)
    • Art after Democratism

      Solo exhibition by Jonas Staal in the United Arab Emirates.

      Traffic, Dubai (UAE)
    • Designs Push Showcase

      Danne Ojeda exhibits her design work ‘Amanda Heng — Speak To Me, Walk With Me’ (Editorial design)

      Scape Warehouse 2, Singapore (SG)
    • Civic Virtue

      Ruchama Noorda presents work in her collective solo exhibition as part of the collective Civic Virtue.

      W139, Amsterdam (NL)
    • The Kaddu Wasswa Archive