Individual Project

The Workshop and Cultural Production

Stichting Open!, Amsterdam (NL)

Anja Groten contributes the essay 'The Workshop and Cultural Production' to Amsterdam-based publication platform 'Open!'


The workshop is a popular framework in cultural production that brings together groups of people from different fields in order to (co-)produce knowledge. Situated between work and leisure, workshops are organized within extra-curricular activities, such as symposia, incubator programmes, and innovation labs. Those activities emerge from public cultural institutions, for-profit festivals and congresses, academic conferences, and small non-profit initiatives. Buzzwords like ‘rapid prototyping’ or ‘agility’ promote high-velocity technological development and imply that the workshop format is a highly productive one.

From the perspective of design practice and more specifically, by looking at collaborative approaches to technology design, this essay explores the workshop’s capacity, or lack thereof, to create critical, constructive conditions for designing technology.

Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2016, 'If you are so smart why are you so poor'? Workshop with Carina Namih and Simone Niquille. 'Internet of Bodies', De Punt, Amsterdam.