Individual Project

Museum Index

Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (NL)

As part of their long term collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum that started in 2013, Studio Joost Grootens made the 'Museum Index', a graphic system that allows visitors to oversee the collection and to keep track of possible changes (f.i. loans, new acquisitions).

Museum Index Van Abbemuseum. Photographs by Peter Cox

The 'Museum Index' is printed on the wall in a central gallery. It is not meant as an artwork, but solely as a representation of data. Again, certain filters add meaning. The use of red in an otherwise black-an-white installation indicates the insurance value of the works, which marks the relation between value development and time of purchase. Such ‘political’ aspects play an important role because the politics of collecting is such a crucial topic for the Van Abbemuseum.