Individual Project

Narrating the Gaps

Künstlerhaus Bremen (DE)

Artistic explorations of the history and archive of Künstlerhaus Bremen

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, five artists from the studios of the Künstlerhaus Bremen explore the archive and the history of the house. Narrating the Gaps presents new works by Anna Bart, Carolin Klapp, Hannes Middelberg, Norman Neumann, and Henrik Nieratschker, who play with the gaps and voids in the history of the Künstlerhaus and develop new narratives from them.

Nieratschker explores the parallels between the artistic, commercial, freelance, and salaried work performed under the roof, bringing together the current function as an artists' house with the building's previous uses as a spice and lumber shop in an autofictional narrative. In the group show Narrating the Gaps, the artists investigate questions about the site, its history, and the artistic and social processes associated with it.

Text by Nadja Quante

Photography by Fred Dott