Individual Project


M-Museum Leuven, Leuven (BE)

Eleni Kamma presents the performance 'Re-M-Ommegang (Re-M-Parade)' at arts festival Playground, Leuven.

The Head of Megera is an enigmatic medieval sculpture in the M Collection. This giantess was part of the famous medieval processions in Leuven.

For Playground, she is being activated by a museum selfie-junkie during a curated walk, speculating on the perspective of Megera. Both characters will dialogue with the old pieces in the collection and with actual and virtual visitors. With this the show addresses two types of audiences, the virtual and the actual.

'Re-M-Ommegang (Re-M-Parade)' explores the relationships between the senses, spectatorship and old art today and then and between surface and critique, based on medieval folk heroes, satire, and caricature.

'Through this disruption, museum selfie takers assert their physical bodies and online personae as curated objects equally deserving of a viewer’s interest and focus' – E.B Hunter