Individual Project

Sound of Silence

Conservatoriumplein 1, Kortrijk (BE)

Eleni Kamma shows her work 'It takes Courage and Breath to Speak Up' in this group exhibition taking place in the framework of the Festival van Vlaanderen.
Opening 15 April 2016, 19.00

Eleni Kamma films the silence before words are spoken. The moment when everything is still unspoken, when everything is still possible. The camera makes circular movements, choreographs and records three people around a microphone. They are a silent group, but gradually they break free to follow their own course. Kamma worked on the theme of ‘parrhesia’. For the ancient Greeks this not only meant ‘to speak out frankly’, but especially the obligation to speak the truth in function of the common good, even at the risk of personal jeopardy. To say what one thinks, one has to take a deep breath and overcome one’s fear.