Individual Project

Heard or capable of being heard

WEST Den Haag, the Royal Academy of Art, the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague (NL)

Eleni Kamma presents her research 'Heard or Capable of Being Heard: Seeing through Parrhesiastic Dialectical Games' at the symposium 'Transformations of the Audible'.

Presentation Eleni Kamma

Heard or Capable of Being Heard: Seeing through Parrhesiastic Dialectical Games

Following a number of audiovisual works exploring how words, images and sounds can coexist and create meaning by disrupting it, and how they make sense by seemingly letting meaning collapse, Kamma has engaged further with the role of sound and the audible, by looking at how it is informed by language, enunciation, and the stance of the speaker as articulations. In her current research towards an experimental film addressing parrhesia – the courage to speak one’s mind – emphasis is placed on how the instance of sound-emission and listening involves a dialectical game, and how the speaker within this game aims at transforming the ethos of the listener.

About Transformations of the Audible

The symposium 'Transformations of the Audible' aims to interrogate the factors and conditions which inform the way in which audibility is constituted. For this purpose, it gathers artists, scholars, students and artist researchers from three domains – music, the arts and the scholarly field of sound studies – to address how artistic practices dealing with sound are traversed by and simultaneously operate upon the ways in which listening takes place.