Individual Project

How To Walk On Water

sch wa nk hal le, Bremen (DE)

How To Walk On Water is a performance installation that guides you through the virtual landscape, exploring the duality of human presence in our physical space and the space of the internet.

You are invited to take a walk without moving, passing through the spaces in-between where our fragmented thoughts are floating. Come and reflect on this moment we usually experience alone in our rooms, in a collective of an audience through the performing non-humans.

Through the vast possibilities, all collected for us on the internet, we engage in the echo chambers guided by the internet algorithms. The intimacy we might look for is redirected from another to ourselves. Unlike the physical space we inhabit, the one we can measure, touch, smell and taste, the space of the internet draws one in, scrolls, scatters, collects and manipulates. Here one can find everything, but in the process, one can forget what it is one has set out to find.

Concept/artistic direction/stage design: Irena Kukric
Dramaturgy: Iva Brdar + Irena Kukric
Programming and electronics: Julian-Anthony Hespenheide
Production assistant: Peter Buczkowski
Sound design: Chang Park
Voice: Kate Chen
Production: Nadine Becker
Based on a scene from a wikiHow inspired manual play Tomorrow Is (For Now) Always Here by Iva Brdar, translated by Ana Brdar
Supported by Senator für Kultur Bremen + Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung
In cooperation with the Schwankhalle Bremen