Individual Project

Sketching a Civilisation

Makerere Art Gallery/IHCR, Kampala (UG)

Exhibition with PhDArts candidate Andrea Stultiens and Rumanzi Canon.

An exhibition of photographs and drawings by Rumanzi Canon and photographs by Andrea Stultiens together with images published in the first decade of the 20th century. By presenting their images alongside the historic illustrations Rumanzi and Stultiens suggest a dialogue between them and their contemporary imagery.
The collaboration between these two (Ugandan and Dutch) artists started when they founded History In Progress Uganda (HIP), a platform that collects and shares historic photographs from and about Uganda and thus reveals fragments of Uganda’s past. Photographs from private and public collections are digitized and shared with an audience, inviting viewers to contribute to the historic and present context of the images by sharing their knowledge and (hi)stories. This is one of the objectives of HIP. ‘Sketching a Civilisation’ is an ongoing project exemplifying how material from the past can nourish and inform contemporary image making.