Individual Project


University of Arts Bremen (DE)


The use of fiction as a method to pose question and criticise the status quo has long expanded beyond the realms of literature and cinema. Practitioners in contemporary art, design as well as academic researchers are drawing on various modes of creating fictions in order to reflect on technology, ecology and many other urgent social and political questions of our time.

In this workshop, we want to explore with you what Artistic Research can offer to grasp, to make sense of, and to subvert, old and new power relations / hierarchies / ideologies that are inscribed in the physical and digital worlds we inhabit. We (Lídia and Henrik) have extracted complementing methods of imagining alternative scenarios for these worlds and reflecting on existing (and already imagined ones) from our artistic research practices. These methods are inspired by science fiction literature, new materialist philosophy, video game culture and online communities. As participants you are invited to test-drive these methods by connecting them to your individual research interests and generating your own scenarios and fictions.

The workshop is organized as part of the class POWERFUL STRUCTURES: Artistic Research, Technopolitics & (Fan)Fictions by Henrik Nieratschker at University of Arts Bremen, as well as Lídia Pereira’s contribution to The Dynamic Archive.