Individual Project

Telepathic Traces

dinA, Brussels (BE)

Eleni Kamma participates in the parcours exhibition 'Telepathic Traces' with 'Wishing Tree' and 'Solo Practice'. The exhibition shows experiences, testimonies, artworks created during or inspired by social distancing measures imposed in Brussels due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wishing Tree
(watercolors on paper, 36x48 cm, 2020)
“The Wishing Tree was a direct response to oracle’s invitation to imagine mine. I closed my eyes and found myself in autumn, immersed in the landscape, surrounded by all colors of the rainbow. My wishing tree has the acoustic properties of permeable membranes; it listens to and reaches to both inanimate and animate forms of existence.”

Solo Practice
(HD video, 5’43”, sound, color, 2020)
“In Solo Practice I attempt to express my understanding of an artistic practice—what keeps me going as a practitioner— through humming, singing, uttering words and sentences, vocalizing, staying silent, listening to my inner landscape, while keeping my eyes closed for 5 minutes.”