Individual Project

New forms of storytelling

HfK, Bremen (DE)

Alexander Cromer contributes to the lecture series 'Becoming Entangled: Practice in Art and Theory' at the Hochschule für Künste, University of the Arts Bremen.

About New Forms of Storytelling

“The most radical art is not protest art but works that take us to another place, envision a different way of seeing, perhaps a different way of feeling.”
– Robin D.G. Kelley

Worldbuilding, most often used in science fiction and fantasy, is the construction of imaginary worlds. Though every story told requires a degree of the practice - plot, character, etc. - the creation of an alternate universe with its own history, ecologies, and cultures allows us to immerse ourselves in worlds full of impossible possibilities. What sort of stories come from these worlds? How do we tell them? And is it possible that these fictional worlds have material consequences?

In this lecture, Alexander Cromer, and his collaborator Darius P. Jenkins, will discuss these questions by way of sharing their particular practice of worldbuilding, roleplay, and storytelling. Together they will create a space for thoughts, debate, and provocation around the urgent need for radical imagination and storytelling in society.