Individual Project


MAMA, Rotterdam (NL)


Doina Kraal will present her installation 'Touche-à-Tout' as part of the exhibition 'Departures' at MAMA, Rotterdam. During the opening, Kraal will look back on the journey she made with 'Touche-à-Tout' and peer into the future, in a musical performance.

'Departures' investigates whether it is possible to bid farewell to the current tourism industry and the relationship between tourism and present-day (neo-)colonial power relations. The works in this exhibition have their individual geographies. The artist has already made a journey and takes the visitor with them. Through their approach and creative process, we discover what their respective starting points have been. Some works speak of tourism’s visual culture; others reflect on the tourism industry from a decolonial perspective or offer a ‘tool’ to broaden your view. This travel agency operates along these different departure points. The works activate sensory and contemplative forms of travel that initiate a different experience of place, context, and navigation.

Artists: Alexandra Martens Serrano, De Ansichten Club, Doina Kraal, Irene de Andrés, Marina Planas, Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Waèl el Allouche