Individual Project

Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces, Liquid Architectures and Online Domains

York St John University, York (UK)

Daniela de Paulis participates in the TaPRA Performance and New Technologies Inter-conference Event 2013.

Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Professor Maaike Bleeker

Invited Practitioners: Mark Jeffery and Judd Morrissey

Conceptions of space and time are necessary coordinates of a re-interrogation of the limits of corporeality […] because any understanding of bodies requires a spatial […] framework. (Elizabeth Grosz 2001:32)

Rosi Braidotti has established the concept of ‘nomadism’ as an analytical tool. Increasingly, in theatre and performance as in other areas of life, we embody those nomadic, ‘post-identitarian’ subjects (Braidotti 2010) in order to address the complexities of our times. This interim symposium aims to explore the ‘becoming-nomad’ (Braidotti 2011: 66) of subjects, bodies, and ideas that occurs within contemporary globalised, mediatised, augmented and distributed environments. This symposium further seeks to map out the multiple transformations that result from those phenomena in theatre and performance practice and identify fruitful elements of ‘surprise’ (Grosz 2001: 11) stemming from the intersections between the virtual and the actual in potentially different spatial contexts. Putting emphasis on instances of wandering in, encountering the ‘other’ within and encountering something other than the actual, we aim to re-negotiate the concept of becoming, belonging and being-in-mixed-media worlds.

By setting up dialogues between bodies and spaces, this interim event seeks to explore the new practices, philosophies and intensities evoked by the continuously shifting coordinates of contemporary corporealities, and to renegotiate notions and experiences of spatial embodiment in contemporary theatre and performance contexts. Those practices, we argue, raise questions about issues of responsibility, ethical considerations, and new approaches to the aesthetic and neuroaesthetic, political and phenomenological aspects of such spatial transfigurations.

We invite contributions, in the form of a paper, short performance, practical presentation, or provocation that reflect on the pivotal role of digital media in the reconfigurations of creative interactions and address some of the issues identified below:

  • Nomadic Subjects
  • Spaces of movement
  • Fluid/‘liquid’ architecture(s)
  • New coordinates of time and space
  • Spaced-out performers/audiences
  • Mapping bodied-spaces
  • Gaps and trajectories between the ‘here’ and ‘there’ of digital intimacies
  • Wearable Spaces
  • Telematic/Displaced/Territorial narratives
  • Performance/Theatre and Cultural Cartographies
  • Political space of shifting coordinates/Shifting coordinates of political space
  • Responsibility in becoming other/being elsewhere