Individual Project

Global Imaginations

De Meelfabriek, Leiden (NL)

Andrea Stultiens exhibits the installation 'Go Forward' in this exhibition at Museum De Lakenhal.

Mariel Rodriguez

Twenty contemporary artist from all over the world where invited to share their vision on today’s globalized world in the exhibition. To do so, they exhibit new or existing work that has been inspired by the extensive collections of Leiden’s many museums.

For her installation 'Go Forward', Stultiens took inspiration from a list drawn up in the 1930s by a Ugandan chief named Ham Mukasa. The list contained descriptions of images that were intended to illustrate a trilogy of books written by Mukasa about the history of his country. The images, however, never materialised. Together with Ugandan artists and Dutch and Ugandan art history students, Stultiens has finally created images to accompany the stories. The work responds to the question of how you imagine a history for which no images exist, and whether you can even comprehend something that is outside of your frame of reference. For Stultiens this is a key question if we are to exist alongside one another in today’s ‘global village’.