Individual Project

Why Relooking at Caricature Today?

A/R asbl, Charleroi (BE)

Eleni Kamma contributed to A/R Issue Number 1, 2018 with the publication "Why Relooking at Caricature Today?" as part of her research project for A/R asbl.

In 2017 five projects (ARG / Alexander Schellow, Jen Debauche, Kristine Gillard, Eleni Kamma, Vincent Meesen) were selected to be supported by A/R, platform for the promotion of artistic research and their associated Higher Schools of Art. A/R asbl is a non-profit organization uniting the Higher Schools of Art of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, and aiming to support and distribute artistic research.

Eleni Kamma’s research project, initiated with the support of A/R, involves a historical rereading and analysis of the issues at stake in caricature from the standpoint of current politics and contemporary art.