Individual Project


Leiden University, Leiden (NL)

Suzan performs the solo dance performance SEI set to a solo violin composition by Johan Sebastian Bach remixed live by Giuliano Bracci at the PhDArts Conference at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, Leiden University and at Broedplaats Lely, Amsterdam.

“Time and Space are affections of being.” Newton, De Gravitatione

SEI is a solo dance performance by Suzan Tunca on the edge between improvisation and choreography, between immediate intuitive action and pre-determined acoustic and choreographed movements. Suzan dances to a solo violin composition by Johann Sebastian Bach as remixed live by Giuliano Bracci.

The presence of different and parallel tracks of the piece serves the search for inhabiting a multitude of body morphologies in dialogue with the acoustic dimensions unfolding around Bach’s composition.

In SEI, dance becomes an instrument with which to investigate and communicate embodied gnosis. Embodied gnosis is understood here as an intuitive knowing engendered by the experience of inspiration and suspended in a liminal realm between the logic of a dancing body and faith. To question spirit (spirituality) and matter (corporeality) via the dynamic interplay between the psyche (the subject) and physis (the body/the planet/the universe) is taken here as both a departure point and primary condition for the creation of a dance language.

On a more specific level of bodily articulation, polar oppositions of forces that appear to be in a relation of infinite tension towards each other in dance are tested and tasted with regard to their communicative potentials. Relating through bodily motion to the tension fields between endurance/ephemerality, here physical space/ethereal space and gravity/levity becomes a way of speaking and knowing.

'SEI', 'PhDArts Conference. How do we establish, sustain and nourish a vital research culture in the arts?', 2018. Photography by Anna Kieblesz. Courtesy of PhDArts.