Individual Project

To Serve You (work in progress)

Artport, Tel Aviv (IL)

Thalia Hoffman produced performative events and a sound installation for the exhibition and series of events ’All About Law and Justice’.

The work seeks to explore the connection between food, rules, law, nationality and security. During the months preceding the exhibition, Hoffman held several dinners with jurists, culture scholars, sociologists, and psychologists.

The sound object installed in the exhibition enables the general public to listen to a documentation of their encounters and conversations, ranging from the personal to the analytical, and inspires reflection on the place that food and sustenance inhabit in our construction of identity, and on the political arena that imbues food with meaning. During the exhibition, the object/sound table is also used in an intimate performance in the form of 'nourishing meals', during which the balance of power between nourisher and nourished, between host and guest, and between diners will be examined.

Credits and thanks:
Performance – Thalia Hoffman, Carmel Bar, Michal Samama and Ofri Omer
Design – Michal Eviatar
Sound Design – Rotem Dror
Raw Materials – The Zuk Farm Deli
Hosting and Feeding (Recorded Meals) – Thalia Hoffman, Yoav Kenny
Eating/Speaking (Recorded Meals) – Avigail Surovich, Udi Edelman, Eyal Gross, Itamar Mann, Asaf Weitzen, Orna Ben-Naftali, Dafna Hirsch, Yonatan Mendel, Yofi Tirosh, Carmel Pomerantz, Michal Givoni, Michal Yehezkeli Kirsch, Ofra Tene, Tziki Cohen, Tamar Erez
Artistic Advisor – Ofri Omer
Acknowledgments – Eyal Danon, Asaf Shinar, Avi Feldman, Sharon Poliakin, Lea Mauas, Hilik Omer, Avigail Surovich, Uri Katzenstein, Nissim Whba

The Work is Supported by Artport and The Center for Digital Art, Holon