Individual Project

Dwell, Act, Transform

NL, Groningen

Eleni Kamma participated in the exhibition Dwell, Act, Transform shows artistic research trajectories conducted by the research groups of Minerva Art Academy within the Bachelors, Masters and PhD.

Artistic research is a relatively new form of research which uses the attitude and working methods of artists and designers during the research process. The artistic research projects in the north as 'making' practices are always connected to the social and material environment in which the research is taking place. Anthropologist Tim Ingold calls this a position of dwell. From this position the transformative power of artistic action applies to both the maker and the environment. Growing into the world, the world grows in them.

Participating artists-researchers
Eleni Kamma, Herman van Hoogdalem, Andrea Stultiens, Marit Westerhuis, Kevin Perrin, Kimball Holth, Michiel Westbeek, Frederiek Bennema, Rob van Haren, Jip de Beer, Cora Jongsma

Anke Coumans (professor Image in Context, Minerva Art Academy) and Andrea Stultiens (PhD researcher, Minerva Art Academy)