Individual Project

That which stays

Dauerwelle, Bremen (DE)

Luiz Zanotello's reading performance 'That which stays' consists of a collection of poems and auto-ethnographies that investigate the afterglow as a trope of liminal time. The performance is an attempt of conjuring 'corazonar' - or the warming up of reason - within artistic research by blurring the boundaries between personally felt and culturally experienced concepts of affect, memory, and time.

The texts are read and transduced in real-time to the variable intensity of a bright warming light by a customized microphone. After the readings have ended, the light shines in the repetition of the transduced sound intensities, performing the record of a text after the words have gone and affect lingers. The work is part of an ongoing research project on postcolonial understandings of time, space, and movement. The performance can be conducted both together and apart from the installation 'Every abyss is a poem yet unfinished'.

Performance and installation view 'That which stays', 2022. Photography by Julian Hespenheide.