Individual Project

Findings on Light

Amsterdam (NL)

Studio Joost Grootens designed the publication 'Findings on Light', the third volume in PARS’ 'Atlas of Creative Thinking', curated and edited by Hester Aardse & Astrid Alben and published by Lars Müller Publishers.

From the outset PARS dedicates its efforts to orchestrating a meeting of minds between scientists and artists. Its main vehicle is a series of publications: Findings on…, (Lars Müller Publishers). Each issue deals with a single core theme that bears relevance to a multitude of creative (research) practices. Recently Findings on Light was presented as the third volume in PARS’ Atlas of Creative Thinking. Because the contributions come from such different fields of expertise (from cognitive science and textile conservation to neurology and contemporary composing) it is important that each entry is designed to bring out its own specific graphic context. An article written by a theoretical physicist demands a graphic treatment that reflects the typology of scientific publishing, whereas the contribution of a poet should be immediately recognised and thus appreciated as a work of art. The confrontation of disciplines is clearly expressed in the way the contributions have been organised on the page. They literally meet halfway. Graphic formats engage in a similar kind of ‘relay run’ as the articles.