Individual Project

Co-creating the City

Cardiff University, Cardiff (UK)

Andrea Stultiens presents the paper entitled 'Co-creating the City' at the Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society at Cardiff University.

Abstract Co-creating the City

This paper addresses the in- and exclusivity of, and of (in-)visibilities in the city for people with physical impairment by drawing on a participatory student research project. Students at the University College Groningen collaborated with students from the Art Academy Minerva and clients at the Noorderbrug, an organisation that provides housing and care for people with acquired brain injuries. The project entailed some specific challenges of communication (e.g. Sometimes mediated by eye-tracking speech computers) and rhythms and mobilities, yet the research teams (with members of each of the above institutions) were encouraged to explore and experience the city together. Their journeys were documented using visual methods and these visuals (photos and sometimes video) formed the basis of a public exhibition both at the Noorderbrug and the University College. In this exhibition, the research teams convey a sense of in- and exclusivities, of (in)visibilities, of difference and sameness through presentations, representations and experiential, interactive exhibits. The paper will largely focus on the process, co-creation, relationships and impact.