Individual Project

Basic Object of Knowledge - The contemporary book and its model

Block 43 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, 109443, Singapore (SG)

This exhibition is curated by Danne Ojeda. It is part of the Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, (CCA Singapore), Curatorial Programme at the Singapore Art Book Fair 2014.

B.O.O.K. features works by today's practicing graphic designers such as Irma Boom, Theseus Chan, Sara de Bondt, Karel Martens, Mevis and Van Deursen, Danne Ojeda, Ingeborg Scheffers and Hansje van Halem. The exhibition showcases physical transformations of the book that affect its anatomincal canon. It examines how the object-book expresses through its materiality and form. The exhibition also pays attention to the collaborative efforts of the designers with other relevant agents within the field. They include printers, publishers and editors, among others. Such an alliance devises innovative reading systems that significantly improve communication.

Image credit Marvin Tan