Individual Project

Didn’t We Come For Something Completely Different?

A Series of Round Tables on the New Normal at Art and Design Universities.

Roundtable with:

  • Anja Groten (Hackers & Designers, Leiden University, Sandberg Instituut)
  • Prof. Myriel Milicevic (FH Potsdam)
  • Hannes Hölzl (UdK Berlin)

The discussion series "Didn’t We Come For Something Completely Different?" serves as a cross-university platform for critical exchange of experiences, challenges and perspectives of digital teaching at art and design universities in Germany and Europe. Triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the following questions have become urgent for us: How can a practice- and material-oriented education that is characterized by the direct exchange of experiences between teachers and students be transferred into digital formats? What practical experiences do teachers and students currently have at art universities? What medium and long-term consequences will the forced digitization affect our working methods and what are the dangers? Will we go back to our “old” normality after the pandemic?