Individual Project

Opening Hours

Gallery TPW, Toronto (CA)

k.g. Guttman presents new work in the live exhibition 'Visiting Hours' at Gallery TPW.

Positioning the image as an encounter between performer and audience, 'Visiting Hours' presents new work by Montreal-based artist and choreographer k.g. Guttman. A live exhibition hosted by an ensemble of performers, visitors are guided in relational and embodied observation techniques with images pulled from the practices of six Toronto-affiliated artists.

Working with varied forms of performance documentation from lo bil, Seika Boye, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Jessica Karuhanga, Matthew-Robin Nye, and Joshua Vettivelu, Guttman develops the conditions for visiting each artist’s image. These conceptual and performative visits explore how embodied practices can trouble the clear boundaries of where an image ends and a performance begins. In positioning spectatorship as a choreographic process, Visiting Hours asks what it means to be in embodied proximity with an artist’s practice, to consider an image not as a fixed object, but rather as a lived event.

Upon entering the gallery, visitors may choose the duration of their guided participation: five, ten, twenty minutes, or more. Audiences may engage with performers one-on-one or in small groups.