Individual Project

Every abyss is a poem yet unfinished

Dauerwelle, Bremen (DE)

Luiz Zanotello's installation 'Every abyss is a poem yet unfinished' departs from a personal story of mourning. It investigates time beyond the abyssal line of thought that linearizes past, present, and future. A growing archive of audiovisual recordings displaying the mundane passage of day into night is displaced asynchronously on the ground juxtaposed to the recordings of water flowing in contradictory directions. Reflected on its surfaces, a warming light shines in different intensities, displaying within the present the memory of a spoken poem transduced into light. Reflecting upon the contradictory enactments of time, a series of unfinished poems and auto-ethnographic essays are placed on the floor beside it. During the opening of the exhibition, a reading performance ('That which stays') is conducted with one of such texts, activating the light within the installation for the duration of the exhibition.

The installation operates as a research site and may incorporate new materials and constellations of media upon forthcoming iterations. The work is part of an ongoing research project on postcolonial understandings of time, space, and movement. The artwork and performance are an attempt of conjuring 'corazonar' - or the warming up of reason - within artistic research by means of a critical auto-ethnography of affect, memory, and time.

Installation view 'Every abyss is a poem yet unfinished', 2022.