Individual Project

No Walls

Friday Exit, Döblergasse 2/EG, Vienna (AT)

Brigitte Kovacs participates in this group exhibition dedicated to the meanings walls and barriers have, considering both their physical, as well as invisible nature.

Opening: Friday 30 October 2015, 19.00
Performance evening: Friday 20 November 2015 18.00 in cooperation with Vienna Artweek.

Artists’ responded in very different ways to the open call, “No walls”. The title was purposefully ambiguous and it was left to the artists to interpret these two words. Works that were submitted included references to separation, protection, safety, security, loss of freedom, geopolitical and/or topographical mapping, architecture, borders, privacy and loss of privacy, memory, emotion, virtuality. Some artworks are literally devoted to physical walls, others are more concerned with invisible barriers.

The other participating artists are: Alice von Alten, Sara Maine Cheikh/Dominique Lucien Garaudel/Brahim Buhaia Ali, Stéphane Clor, Stefano D'Alessio/Martina Menegon, Alexander Jöchl/Wolfgang Tragseiler, Miriam Hamann, Tamara Hauser, Maria Hera, Maya Minder, Melody Panosian, Mariella Ottosson, Nicole Weniger/Katharina Cibulka, Micha Wille, Marit Wolters