Individual Project

The Design Of Persuasion

Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore (SG)

Danne Ojeda’s awarded work ‘The Path To Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting’, participates in the touring exhibition ‘Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2010’.

The exhibition has been on tour since 2011 at Essen and Basel (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Moscow (Russia), Prague, Brno (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Vienna (Austria) and Shenzhen (China) among others cities.

“With more than 13,000 entries in its disciplines ‘red dot award: product design’, ‘red dot award: communication design’ and ‘red dot award: design concept’, the red dot design award is the leading and biggest design competition in the world. Since 1955, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has annually selected outstanding design quality and officially honoured it in an exhibition.

In addition, works are published in a bilingual ‘International Yearbook Communication Design’ and featured in the winners’ exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum and in the winners’ online exhibition at The exhibition ‘Award Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design Tour’ follows to present the awarded works worldwide.”

The Red Dot Design Award