Workshop Mark Kremer

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL)

One-day workshop taught by curator and critic Mark Kremer.

'History as Material in Art'

This lecture takes as its subject the dealings with history of a selection of artists, with whom I have collaborated for 'my' exhibitions. The focus is not so much on the traditional idea that artists build their work on (art) history, but rather on the phenomenon that artists live their own time and make their own history, sometimes even using the special kind of time travel of moving to the past or to the future. Examples of work will be presented from artists such as Hrein Fridfinnsson, Cerith Wyn Evans, Harmen Brethouwer, Janos Sugar, Rodney Graham, Michael Landy and Taf Hassam.

During the workshop PhDArts students Italo Zuffi and Hans Scholten will present their research projects.


Mark Kremer is an independent curator, art writer and tutor. Recent exhibitions include: 'The Projection Project' (MuHKA, Antwerp 2006-07; 'Mücsarnok', (Budapest 2007), 'To Burn Oneself with Oneself: the Romantic Damage Show' (De Appel, Amsterdam, 2008), 'KAAP/the little biennale 5' (Fort Ruigenhoek, Utrecht, 2010) and 'Porta Nigra' (Hidde van Seggelen Gallery, London, 2012-13). Current projects: essay on encounters with Psychedelia and Conceptualism in the art of the 1960s and today, and the exhibition 'When Elephants Come Marching In: Psychedelia and Conceptualism are Reconciled' (De Appel, Amsterdam, Summer 2014). He is based in Amsterdam.