Public Defense The Emergent Artistic Object in the Postconceptual Condition

Artist Jack Segbars publicly defends the research project 'The Emergent Artistic Object in the Postconceptual Condition' on 18 November. At 11.30, Segbars will elucidate his artistic work in the exhibition 'The Author-Function in Artistic Production Now (cross-examination II)' and enter into a dialogue with philosopher of art and culture Thijs Lijster, artist Alina Lupu, and subsequently with the doctoral examination committee. At 16.15 on the same day, Segbars will defend his dissertation in the Academy Building of Leiden University.

Jack Segbars researches how the field of contemporary artistic production is organized. In 'The Emergent Artistic Object in the Postconceptual Condition', Segbars states that artistic objects result from interactions between artists, curators, institutions, and theoretical reflection. Segbars argues that significant changes in the landscape of artistic production should lead to a reconsideration of the status of authorship in artistic practice.

This argumentation resonates in his artistic work in which he brings the traditional artist-position together with curating, theoretical research, and critique. Ultimately, Jack Segbars renounces the act of artistic creation through an appropriation of the role of critic and of the theorist as artist. He aims to explicate the status of contemporary artistic production and offer an elucidated perspective on artistic authorship.

18 November at 11.30
Leiden Art Hub
Papegaaisbolwerk 20, Leiden

18 November at 16.15
Great Auditorium Academy Building, Leiden University
Rapenburg 73, Leiden

19–21 November – 26–28 November 2021
Opening hours: 14.00–18.00
Leiden Art Hub
Papegaaisbolwerk 20, Leiden

Prof. dr. Janneke Wesseling, Professor in Practice and Theory of Research in the Visual Arts, Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, Leiden University
Dr. Frans Willem Korsten, Senior University Lecturer, Centre for the Arts in Society, Leiden University
Dr. Joost de Bloois, Assistant Professor, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam

Photo by Jhoeko