Application Procedure

The yearly application deadline for PhDArts is 1 March. Accepted applicants can join the programme in September.

The application process consists of two phases. The first phase is the assessment of the applicant’s research dossier that is uploaded via the online application form. The research dossier will be assessed by an Advisory Group, with representatives from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and Leiden University (Academy of Creative and Performing Arts). In the case of a positive assessment by the Advisory Group, the applicant enters the second phase of the application process, and is invited for an Entrance Examination. The Entrance Examinations take place at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts in Leiden.

PhDArts does not engage in correspondence about the judgement of the Advisory Group with the applicant beyond the notification of the results.


Applicants must put together a research dossier for the application procedure. The application must be written in English.

The research dossier consists of three elements:

  1. Application form
  2. Detailed curriculum vitae
  3. Portfolio


The portfolio should consist of a careful selection of materials that is representative of the artist’s or designer’s work. Applicants are free to decide whether to submit a general overview of their work or to select works and materials that are specifically related to the proposed research project. Applicants are themselves responsible for making a selection of their work.

The portfolio can contain a maximum of 20 images assembled in a PDF file. In addition, the portfolio can include a maximum of 3 videos. Please ensure that you do not exceed the maximum amount of images and videos when compiling your portfolio. In order to submit videos, please provide links to a digital platform, such as Vimeo, You Tube or your own website or blog, by including the URL address in the PDF file. If necessary, please provide a password.

The following details must be included in the portfolio:

  • Details of the portfolio submitted
  • Title of each individual work
  • Date of creation
  • Format (material)
  • Details on the nature of the work

The portfolio is submitted by uploading the PDF file to the online application form.


Please save the CV as a PDF file. Make sure that you address all the points below that apply to you in the order given.

  • Personal details Give your title, name and surname, gender, date and place of birth, nationality, address, and website (optional).
  • Higher Education Studies (Bachelor/Masters/professional diploma)
  • Institution of Higher Education/University
  • Date of graduating
  • Main subject/discipline/thesis
    List any relevant subjects regarding your experience with Practice-as-Research
  • Professional experience since graduating
    Give dates of your most important appointment(s) (as artist and/or teacher) and specify whether full- or part-time, tenured or fixed-term.
  • Other professional activities
    Include, for example, posts on committees, involvement in the organization of artistic events and membership of boards.
  • Scholarships and prizes
    List any artistic prizes you have won or scholarships/grants for which you have successfully applied.
  • Major exhibitions/creations
    Please include only the most relevant exhibitions/creations and mark those that are directly relevant to the proposed research. Describe their impact on your artistic and/or research field.
  • References
    Please give names and contact details of three referees who can be contacted by PhDArts and who can write knowledgeably about the quality of your artistic practice and research.

The CV is submitted by uploading the PDF file to the online application form.


PhDArts does not accept incomplete or late applications. PhDArts does not offer assistance during the application process. For practical questions the applicant can contact the coordinator of the programme by emailing: