René Boomkens
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René Boomkens (1954) is full professor of cultural history and cultural philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (NL). In his research he focuses on the social and cultural philosophy of modernity, interpreted as modern experience, with special attention to the crucial role of the city and urban culture.

Boomkens is editor of the book series 'Kennis, Openbare Mening, Politiek' ['Knowledge, Public Opinion and Politics'] by publishing house Van Gennep in Amsterdam. Since December 2005 he is member of the Raad voor Cultuur [Council of Culture], that advises the Dutch government and the minister of Education, Culture and Science on matters of culture and the arts. From 1998 until 2002 he was special professor of pop music at the University of Amsterdam. In 2008 he founded, together with several colleagues, the Foundation for Philosophy and the Public 'Lolle Nauta', that aims to enlarge the role of the public and stimulates activities of philosophers and other scholars.