Pascal Gielen
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Pascal Gielen (1970) is director of the research center Arts in Society at the Groningen University where he is professor for sociology of art and cultural politics. He is also editor-in-chief of the book series ‘Arts in Society’. Gielen has written several books on contemporary art, cultural heritage and cultural politics. Recent books are: Being an Artist in Post-Fordist Times (eds. Gielen & De Bruyne, 2009 - 2nd print 2011), The Murmuring of the Artistic Multitude. Global Art, Politics and Post-Fordism (Gielen, 2009 - 3th print 2015). Community Art. The Politics of Trespassing (eds. De Bruyne & Gielen, 2011 - 2nd print 2013); Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm. Realism versus Cynicism (eds. Gielen & De Bruyne, 2012 - 2nd print 2013); Creativity and other Fundamentalisms (Gielen, 2013), Institutional Attitudes: Instituting Art in a Flat World (ed. Gielen, 2013), The Etics of Art (eds. Cools & Gielen - 2014), Aesthetic Justice (eds. Gielen & Van Tomme - 2015), No Culture, No Europe. On the Foundation of Politics (ed. Gielen, 2015) and in Dutch Repressief liberalisme. Opstellen over creatieve arbeid, politiek en kunst (Gielen, 2013).