Moniek Toebosch
Supervisor between and

From the sixties onwards, Moniek Toebosch (NL, 1948-2012) initiated several projects in different media in collaboration with many other artists. Most of the works are temporary interdisciplinary works in public space, museums, theatre and on Dutch National TV.

She was known for her music theatre solo: ‘They say she’s a singer’ (1978), the performance ‘Joyful Anticipation’ at the foundation the Apple (1978) and ‘Attacks of Extremes’, four live emissions on Dutch national TV in collaboration with the Holland Festival: (1983) and the Angel broadcast station: Angels FM 98.0, along the dyke between Enkhuizen en Lelystad, the Netherlands (1994–2000). From 2004–2008 she was the director of DasArts in Amsterdam, master of theatre, a hybrid of education, production and research. From 2010-2012 she was a tutor for PhDArts researchers for visual artists, a collaboration between the University of Leiden in collaboration with the lectureship of the KABK in The Hague.