1. Supervisors

      1. Janneke Wesseling

      2. Janneke Wesseling is director of PhDArts at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University and professor in Art and Research at the University of the Arts, The Hague. As of February 1, 2016 she has also been appointed Professor at Leiden University's Faculty of Humanities, where she holds the chair in Practice and Theory of Research in the Visual Arts.

        Since 1983 she writes as art critic for NRC Handelsblad. In addition Wesseling publishes regularly on contemporary art in magazines and catalogues in The Netherlands and abroad. She also published a number of independent studies and books, including:

        • De volmaakte beschouwer. De ervaring van het kunstwerk en de receptie-esthetica. Janneke Wesseling. Amsterdam: Valiz, 2015. (Dutch e-book).
        • See it Again, Say it Again. The Artist as Researcher. Red. Janneke Wesseling. Amsterdam, Valiz, 2011.
        • Het museum dat niet bestond. Amsterdam: De Bezige Bij, 2004
        • Schoonhoven, beeldend kunstenaar. The Hague /Amsterdam: SDU publishers/Openbaar Kunstbezit. 1990

        Wesseling obtained the doctoral degree at Leiden University with a dissertation on contemporary art and reception aesthetics, entitled De volmaakte beschouwer. De ervaring van het kunstwerk en de actualiteit van de receptie-esthetica (The Perfect Spectator. The Experience of the Artwork and the Topicality of Reception Aesthetics).


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