Yair Lipshitz

Dr. Yair Lipshitz is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University. His main areas of research are the interconnections between theatre, performance, and religious traditions – with a main focus on Jewish traditions.

He is also interested in theories of playfulness and in role playing games as performance. He is the author of three books: 'The Holy Tongue', 'Comedy’s Version' (in Hebrew, 2010); 'Embodied Tradition: Theatrical Performances of Jewish Texts' (in Hebrew, 2016) and 'Theatre & Judaism' (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019).

He has also published numerous papers on topics ranging from the queering of Scripture in Angels in America to Jewish-Italian theatre in the Renaissance and from Hebrew productions of King Lear and Salome to the reactivation of ritual traditions in contemporary urban performance art.