Ingrid Cogne
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Ingrid Cogne (born 1977, Dijon, FRA) is a choreographer living and working in Vienna and Stockholm. Cogne sees choreography as a way to create movement and suspension, positioning and displacement in relation to Economy, Knowledge, Work and Individuals. She focuses on the dramaturgy of existing or created situations.

In her research titled ”Displacement(s) as Method(s)”, she questions the notions of: (i) “displacement” on the physical, political and perceptive levels and (ii) “method” in between theory and practice, process and product. The “how” holds a central place – She tends to use figures to illustrate her words and positioning, this always in an “in between”. She plays with materiality in order to tickle perceptions and representations of immateriality. How can/could they affect the perception? One of series she is developing is titled Improvised lecture performance. They are situations she is creating in order to challenge the articulation of (her) knowledge, in between body, spoken and written language in relation to performative situations.