Aymeric Mansoux

Aymeric Mansoux has been messing around with computers and networks for far too long. He was a founding member of server-based collective GOTO10 (a.o. FLOSS+Art anthology, Puredyne GNU/Linux distro, make art festival).

Some works and collaborations include: Naked on Pluto, a Facebook critique in the form of a Facebook game; The SKOR Codex, an archive about the impossibility of archiving; What Remains, an 8-bit Nintendo game about whistleblowing and the manipulation of public opinion in relation to the climate crisis; and LURK, a server infrastructure to host discussions around net/computational art, culture, and politics.

Aymeric received his PhD from the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University of London for his investigation of the techno-legal forms of social organisation within free and open source based cultural practices. He works at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Hogeschool Rotterdam, where he founded and ran until 2021 the Experimental Publishing master programme (XPUB), and now holds the position of lector in Commercial Practices (reader/professor of practice-oriented research), investigating alternative and sustainable modes of organisation and production in the cultural sector and art/design education.