Andrea Sick

Andrea Sick is Professor of Media, and Cultural History and Theory, and Vice Director of Artistic Research and International Affairs at the University of the Arts Bremen (HfK), Germany. She heads the Binational Artistic-PhD-Program at HfK Bremen, in cooperation with international partners, such as Leiden University, and lectures at the department of cultural and art sciences at the University of Bremen.

Her main work and research interests are the relation between technological media and cultural (artistic) production, the transitions between art, biology, and information-technology discourses, the interfaces of scientific and cultural activities, and the history and theory of performance art and queer studies.

Sick studied German language and literature, politics, cultural sciences, and history of art in Heidelberg, Bremen, and Hamburg. In 2001 she obtained a doctoral degree at Hamburg University with a dissertation on the interactions between knowledge and cartography. Together with Dr. Claudia Reiche, Andrea Sick is the artistic coordinator and curator of 'Thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor' (1993), a cultural laboratory. 'Thealit' designs and devises programmes to promote interaction between artistic and theoretical reflection, supporting protagonists in different fields as they explore and critique, test, and modify their praxis. Difference, and in particular gender difference, is the central issue addressed in the work of 'Thealit'. One of Sick's research projects is 'The dynamic Archive' since 2018.

Recent research projects include:
'The Dynamic Archive.' With Prof. Dennis Paul. 2018–ongoing.
'Salon Digital: Reenactments in Art, Design, Theory, and Technology.' With Prof. Ralf Baecker and Prof. Dennis Paul. 2016–ongoing.
'Debate! Performing Antagonism' With Claudia Reiche, thealit Bremen. 2016 – 2019.
'Coapparation. Performances, Artist in Residences, Lectures.' With Claudia Reiche, thealit Bremen. 2019-2022.
'Manifestos: digital and analog.' 2015. Issue 1-3.

Recent publications include:
'Salon Digital: Reenactments in Art, Design, Theory and Technology'. Edited by Andrea Sick, Ralf Baecker and Dennis Paul. Hamburg: Textem, Issue 1, 2020.
'Reading and Writing, 25 manifestos.' Edited by Andrea Sick, Augsburg: Maroverlag, 2020.
'Debatterie! Antagonismen Aufführen.' Edited by Claudia Reiche and Andrea Sick. Bremen: thealit, 2018.
Michael Glasmeier. 'Geräusche, Töne Essays, Vorträge, Ritornelle zur Kunstgeschichte.' Edited by Tania Prill and Andrea Sick. Hamburg: Textem, 2016.