Andrea Fraser
Supervisor between and

For almost thirty years, Andrea Fraser has engaged in an on-going investigation of what we want from art. Combining the site-specific and research-based practices that emerged with conceptualism together with feminist investigations of subjectivity and desire, she has used performance, video, and a range of other media to explore the motivations that driveartists, collectors, art dealers, corporate sponsors, museum trustees and museum visitors,from the pursuit of prestige to financial investment to sexual fantasy to self-realization. Fraser is Professor of New Genres at the University of California Los Angeles as well as a visiting faculty at the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York. Institutional Critique

Fraser is a representative of "Institutional critique". Institutional critique is an artistic practice that reflects critically on its own place within galleries and museums and on the concept and social function of art itself. Such concerns have always been a part of modern art but took on new urgency at the end of the 1960s, when-driven by the social upheaval of the time and enabled by the tools and techniques of conceptual art-institutional critique emerged as a genre.

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