Alice Lagaay

Alice Lagaay, Prof. Dr. phil. has been a professor of theory in the design department at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) since 2018. She is a founding member and core convener of the international Performance Philosophy research network and co-editor (with Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca and Will Daddario) of the performance philosophy book series at Rowman and Littlefield (25 books published in this series to date). Since her doctoral thesis on the philosophy of voice and a subsequent post-doctoral project on notions of ‘negative performance’ (silence, not-doing, failure, inoperativity, 'désoeuvrement'…), her research in recent years has focused on the theory and practice of ‘creative indifference‘ (following Friedlaender/Mynona) and on thoughts relating to the ‘speculative’. In her teaching, Alice Lagaay seeks innovative formats for the generation and communication of philosophical content.