New Platform for Research Collaboration in the Arts

The Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire have a long tradition of stimulating research in the arts. Together with the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) at Leiden University, they are now developing a new platform for research in and with the arts, with an emphasis on collaboration.

Aim of the new platform
The platform should enable artists and designers to exchange knowledge and experience and increase the visibility of their research. It aims to stimulate new initiatives and collaboration between researchers, within and beyond the boundaries of disciplines. With the establishment of the platform, the three institutes also want to deepen their own collaboration and create opportunities to enter into alliances with other organizations.

First steps - Pilot project and digital platform
An Interdisciplinary Research Group of four researchers from the three institutes has been meeting monthly since February. Here the participants discuss their individual research projects and as a group develop perspectives on interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary approaches to research. Together with lectors Paul Craenen (KC) and Alice Twemlow (KABK), this year’s participants Justin Bennett (KC), Lyndsey Housden (KABK), Thalia Hoffman (ACPA), and Jed Wentz (ACPA), explore the points of connection between their research practices. A digital platform is also in the works. This platform, to be officially launched later this year, aims to facilitate the sharing of research processes as well as outcomes.

Share your ideas
If you have a question, a comment or you would like to share your ideas for this new platform, please send a message to Lianne van Roekel, coordinator:

This joint initiative is made possible by the support of the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA (Regieorgaan SIA), which stimulates professionalization and strengthens the quality of applied research at universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. SIA’s IMPULS 2020 fund offers the opportunity to maintain and strengthen applied research during the COVID-19 crisis.

'Here/Then and Now' ( كان ועכשיו ) by Thalia Hoffman, 'Meeting at Bir Al-Maksur'. Photo: Valeria Gaslev