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Jooyoung Hwang
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Jooyoung Hwang (1984, South Korea) makes videos, installations, fiction writing, and performative lectures. Her works often emerge from her engagement with historical and philosophical texts. She probes into how images and terms are produced, circulate, and disappear within contexts of globalism and techno-capitalism.

She graduated from Critical Curatorial Cybernetic Research Practices in the Visual Arts Department at the Geneva University of Art and design, Switzerland, after having obtained BA in visual arts at the same institution.

Hwang's recent works/interests deal with labor politics and resistance movements that take place in the physical and mental space in techno-capitalist South Korea. She investigates the social and historical context of neologisms in social media and everyday life and how their relationship affects minds and feelings.

Hwang showed her works on KV-Leipzig (Leipzig,2020), Lumpenstation (Bern, 2020), LIveInYourHead (Switzerland,2018/2019), the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève (Geneva, 2018), Onegeeinfog (Geneva,2018), Théâtre de Usine (Geneva, 2018), Tastehouse (Seoul,2020), Archive Bomm (Seoul, 2018).


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