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Flavia Pinheiro
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Flavia Pinheiro is a Brazilian choreographer, researcher, and performance artist currently based in Amsterdam. Her research foregrounds networks of resilience and resistance to systems of knowledge by using images and words from technology and science in order to create speculative fabulations. Using different media, she questions the complexity of colonial modernity’s ongoing process(es) in an attempt to dismantle hegemonic hierarchies.

As a teacher, Flavia worked in public universities, schools, and different institutions in Brazil facilitating body and dance practices. In 2018 she started BMC®’s Somatic Movement Educator Program at the School for Body-Mind Centering in Brazil. She graduated in Combined Arts at UNA (Argentina) and studied Art History at UNSAM (Argentina). In 2022, she graduated from the DAS Choreography Master program at Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). Her Master's research was supported by the AHK Internationalization Fund, the AHK Talent Grant, and by the Aart Janszen Fund. Flavia Pinheiro was awarded the 3Package Deal fund for International Talents by AFK in the ‘Engaged Art’ coalition.


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