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Christine Rafflenbeul
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Christine Rafflenbeul (1983) is an artistic researcher based in Hamburg, Germany. She obtained her MA in Fashion, Costume, and Textile Product Design with a focus on Design Research at HAW Hamburg (2021).

In her practice, Rafflenbeul explores spaces of possibility for feminist futures of art and science. Through female handicraft techniques, she investigates practice-based modes of thinking. She aims to make visible a reflective meshwork of situated knowledges in extension to traditional epistemology.

Rafflenbeul is a laureate of 'Ausgezeichnet', the award for outstanding, research-related Masters Theses awarded by the 'Centre for Design Research', HAW Hamburg (2021), and grant recipient of the 'Peer to Peer-Academy' (2021) in Bremen.

She was a guest lecturer at HAW Hamburg (2021) and a contributor to the panel on 'Standards of Good Scientific Practice in Design Research' at the general meeting of the Society for Artistic Research in Germany (2022).

Rafflenbeul is part of the international design-lab 'Re-imagine your city'.


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