1. Individual Projects

        1. Tuning the Dancing Body
        2. 16 – 18 May 2019
        3. Suzan Tunca presents her research 'tuning the dancing body to become a performative research instrument to investigate embodied gnosis' together with Giuliano Bracci at the symposium 'Transformations of the Audible'.

        4. WEST Den Haag, the Royal Academy of Art, the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague (NL)
        5. https:
      1. Presentation Suzan Tunca

        Tuning the dancing body as performative research instrument to investigate embodied gnosis

        The dancing human body is a psychophysical resonating space. The inner experiential landscape of the dancer communicates itself through danced motion and via a quasi-material third substance that mediates between mind and matter, between the supra-sensory and corporeal senses.

        In religious and esoteric practices, this substance is generically referred to as ‘subtle body’.
        Listening to the spiritual essence of sound from within that third substance in motion can be conducive to a state of resonating knowing-being at the edge between the empirical and meta-empirical, igniting immediate inspiration to dance. In this state, supra-sensory and non-verbal qualities of experience, such as spatial corporeal imagination and performative intuition, trigger deep layers of movement origination and specific qualities of communicative corporeality.

        About Transformations of the Audible

        The symposium 'Transformations of the Audible' aims to interrogate the factors and conditions which inform the way in which audibility is constituted. For this purpose, it gathers artists, scholars, students and artist researchers from three domains – music, the arts and the scholarly field of sound studies – to address how artistic practices dealing with sound are traversed by and simultaneously operate upon the ways in which listening takes place.


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