1. Individual Projects

        1. Integrating the Public in Artistic Research
        2. 11 October 2019
        3. Roosje Klap presents her research at the ACPA conference ''Is this thing on?' The Public Dimensions of Artistic Research' in order to reflect on the relevance of integrating the public in artistic research. 

        4. Royal Conservatoire, The Hague (NL)
        5. https:
      1. In 2014 Roosje Klap co-initiated the Design Displacement Group, a collective mechanism for reflecting, refracting and speculating upon alternative frameworks for ‘productive’ engagement and exchange. In 2017, the collective co-wrote a generative system running off HTML, JavaScript, and code-libraries, which generated arias, librettos and dialogues from a database of sound and voice recordings into an opera titled ‘No Exit’. Klap’s artistic research explores the notion of the ‘post-signature’ methodology, a term that she coined with the DDG collective, and which she now is further investigating together with an AI, currently being developed in the field of language and text writing. This framework will juxtapose the various positions of design ownership, exploring functional, aesthetic and organizational aspects of co-creation with non-humans creating an unknown result.

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