1. Individual Projects

        1. We Refugees
        2. 11 November 2017 – 14 April 2018
        3. Thalia Hoffman contributes to the exhibition We Refugees at Haifa Museum, Haifa with the work Shama (There).

        4. Haifa Museum, Haifa (IL)
        5. www.hma.org.il
      1. Exhibited works by contemporary Israeli artists such as Yuval Yairi, Asaf Kliger, Oren Ziv, Thalia Hoffman, and others challenge the modernist discourse in Israeli art, which has generally avoided discussing refugees and immigration. 

        Throughout the exhibition, the image of the refugee – devoid of the "right to have rights," in the words of Hannah Arendt – manifests the lack of autonomous space within the political order of the Israeli nation-state – an autonomous space unencumbered by biometric identification and surveillance; a space based on the concept of the individual's right to refugium (refuge in Latin) rather the citizen's subjugation to the ius (law); an a-territorial or exterritorial space not bound by a homogeneous national territory.


      2. 4_lr
        Shama (There), Short film, 20 min. (2016)


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