1. Individual Projects

        1. Self Collecting
        2. 14 December 2017 – 7 April 2018
        3. Thalia Hoffman contributes to the exhibition Self Collecting at the Beit Hagefen Gallery, Haifa with the work عطرעטרה, a scent collection. (2017).

        4. Beit Hagefen Gallery, Haifa (IL)
        5. https:
      1. The exhibition Self Collecting is a prologue to the permanent exhibition of Beit Hagefen, being formed these days. The point of departure for the exhibition is the assumption that a collection, any collection, is always the product of conscious and unconscious choices, within a specific political, social, and cultural context and certain material conditions. 

      2. Atara_lr
        عطر עטרה, a scent collection. (2017)


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