1. Individual Projects

        1. Who's Afraid?
        2. 22 – 27 February 2015
        3. This solo exhibition by Mikala Hyldig Dal features performative video works created between 2014-2015, discussing contemporary iconoclasm as a sociopolitical act of communication.

        4. former LEAP, Leipziger Street 63, Berlin (DE)
        5. https:
      1. Some of the video works apply a subjective approach to the topic of "killing images" and "erasing identities", connecting iconoclastic processes with BDSM-practices in a personal interpretation.

        Curated by Daniel Franke and Sandra Moskova.
        Opening 21.02.2015 - 19.00h
        Closing 27.02.2015 with a performance lecture by Mikala Hyldig Dal at 19.00h.

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